Ngā Taonga staff #WorkingFromHome

Due to the Level 4 lockdown, all Ngā Taonga staff are working from home. We caught up with a few and asked them

  • What do you normally do?
  • What are you doing at the moment?
  • Any #WorkingFromHome anecdotes?

Sara Pattison, Film Archivist

I normally work in the Film team, scanning and grading film

At the moment I am taking online colour corrections/grading tutorials and learning te reo

Working from home pluses – not lining up for the coffee plunger! Cuddling my partner and gardening in my breaks.

My work station was an old door I sawed in half, sanded and cut down the legs, and painted a black stripe on the side to match my black and white theme in the lounge!

David Klein, Marketing and Communications

I work in Communications – I write newsletters, blogs and social media posts.

Most of my work is web based so I’m quite privileged to carry on with mostly business as usual.

My view of walkers, runners and cyclists outside is both inspiring and distracting! I’ve been trying to ‘commute’ in the morning and evening with a walk around the neighbourhood, saying ‘see you at the office’ to my housemates (who are now co-workers).

I quite like my workstation. The ‘keyboard in the top drawer’ feels like an inspired touch

Dhiraj Bhanushali, Outreach Engagement Manager

I work as the Outreach Engagement Manager – a large part of my job is capacity and team management.

A large part of my job is managing the team and with tech I am able to do this remotely.

I live in a large apartment building and I have four other apartments which are in my line of view. I can see others working from home and am fascinated by their daily rituals. One of them has set a mini café/juice bar right next to her work station ?

Mishelle Muagututi’a, Preservation Services Manager

I am an archivist who is part of the Collection Services Group managing the Preservation Services archivists – a group of unique experts who absolutely keep me involved and alert.

At the moment there are daily or weekly check-in with my colleagues by phone or video conferencing regarding

– individual well-being;

– enquires about their team members;

– work discussion;

– catch up over coffee and bickies (online)

– staying safe and staying well during the rāhui

– administering enquiries relevant to our preservation department

A daily routine is essential. Compromise/define clearly to you and others in your bubble your work area. Whether you are working in the corner of the lounge or in a bedroom, claim it as yours. My dog Mac is now my OBE (office buddy executive) and likes to sit with me during work hours. I let him know every workday, it’s time to go to the office. He gets it 🙂

And at the end of a working day, I shut down my work computer and shut the door to the office. The 14 or so hours dogs sleep, he does most of it on the job.


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