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Back to the 80s Photo Competition Winners

Thanks to the brave souls who shared your best 1980s fashion moments with us for the Back to the 80s Photo Competition.

Because of the general ace-ness of all of the 80s photos submitted, our judges had a hard time choosing. We’re excited to announce that we have two Overall Winners.

Renee: some great 80s outfits, complete with dappled photography studio background. Who could forget school photo day?
Renee Mia: some great 80s outfits, complete with dappled photography studio background. Who could forget school photo day?

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Back to the 80s Photo Competition

While the 80s brought us many things we’d rather forget – bad perms, stonewash and shoulder pads – it’s also left us with a legacy of terrific family films. We’re screening a series of fantastically fun 1980s films in Wellington June 13 – July 18, in partnership with the Square Eyes Film Foundation and with support from Wellington City Council Creative Communities. See the programme here.

We’re also running a Back to the 80s photo competition. Send us photos of your best 1980s outfits (either vintage 80s photos or 80s outfits recreated today) to be in to win prizes, including a Season’s Pass to all screenings in the Back to the 80s series and classic pick n’ mix lolly packs.

To enter the competition, email a digital copy of your 1980s photo to, or post it on the Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision’s Facebook or Twitter pages, or post it on Instagram and tag @ngataongasv

All photos submitted will be published here on the Gauge blog.

Entries close 2pm, Friday 12 June 2015.

Please see the competition Conditions of Entry at the bottom of this page.


To give you some inspiration, here are some photos of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision staff in our most fabulous 80s outfits!

Some of us are too embarassed to be identified for our crimes against fashion – I wonder if you can guess who’s who?

One of our staff was part of the NZ Contingent at the 1981 Australian Flying Disc Nationals. We love the stubbies!
One of our staff was part of the NZ Contingent at the 1981 Australian Flying Disc Nationals. We love the stubbies!
One of the Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision team was part of the Dunedin Sound.
Another of the Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision team was part of the Dunedin Sound.
Channelling Marty McFly in Back to the Future!
Channelling Marty McFly in Back to the Future!

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“Ticket to Hollywood” Screen Test Competition

Are you ready for your close-up? Film a silent movie screen test of yourself enacting one to four of the common silent film emotions in the list below, post the video to YouTube, and email the link to us at (or post the link to The Film Archive’s Facebook or Twitter page) for an chance to win fame and fortune, as well as great prizes. Remember to send us your name (or your movie star alter ego’s name) and the name of the emotion(s) you are expressing, along with your entry.

This competition runs alongside our Ticket to Hollywood: A Festival of New Zealand Stars Abroad series, which runs 3 May – 21 June in Wellington (but those of you who don’t live in Wellington can still enter the comp!)

Film your screen tests at home, or on location at the Movie Star Makeovers with WELTEC Fashion Make-up Artistry evening on 24 May – where you will be able to film your starring moment after your movie star makeover.

The top three screen tests, as voted by audiences online here, will be shown on the big screen – so the public can see their star quality – at the final screening in the Ticket to Hollywood festival, 7pm Saturday 21 June.

Prizes include our New Zealand Film: An Illustrated History book, DVDs of classic kiwi films, and free movie tickets.

Venus of the South Seas (1924).
Venus of the South Seas (1924).


Screen test instructions:

Select between one to four of the emotions in the list below. How would you express this emotion (or emotions) in your acting if you were a silent movie star? Record a short screen test (please keep your screen tests under a minute – and shorter than this is fine). Remember this is a silent movie, so you’ll need to use your facial expressions and gestures to express your character. If you like, you could get into the spirit of the era by applying a sepia filter to your film!


  • Discovery
  • Bliss
  • Terror
  • Lovesickness
  • Determination
  • Playfulness
  • Remorse
  • Expectation
  • Laziness
  • Vulnerability
  • Contempt
  • Good humour
  • Haughtiness
  • Infatuation
  • Greed
  • Repentance
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- By Diane Pivac (NZFA, Director Connect Division)

In late 2009 the Archive launched Sellebration, a selection of TV commercials from decades past. To begin with we uploaded 20 commercials for each decade from the 1960s to the 1990s and we asked viewers to vote for their favourites.


Voting was fierce and while some of the results were pretty predictable – it seemed like everyone (who was old enough) remembered the famous KFC animation from 1975 and the problems ‘Fluffy’ caused David Judge in the 1980s. Others were less so – Billy T James’ Telethon Song for 1985 beat some stiff competition to be the most popular ad from the 1980s, for example.

Fluffy in the 1980s Ansett Airlines ad.
Fluffy in the 1980s Ansett Airlines ad.


The site proved so popular that once the results were in we decided to add the 2000s and to keep the site live – and we’ve continued to add more commercials, often by viewer request.

Sellebration is a snapshot showing change over time, not only has the way ads are made changed – from the 1960s black and white ads with a lot of earnest, scientific voice-over (usually a man with an english accent, try Deb’s Potato Flakes), to the big-budget pre stock market crash of the 1980s. They also show change over time: from the 60s Craven A King Size filters, to the 80s and 90s alcohol advertising (check out Lion 10 Draught Beer) and the 1990 Commission promoting national unity through the Treaty of Waitangi; or technology changes such as BASF cassette tapes in the 70s (and the fabulous Dear John), the 1987 mobile phone, housed a small suitcase and only available in Auckland, to Telecom’s Xtra broadband in 2006. Continue reading

My Favourite Pet competition winners

Many many thanks to all of you who shared your stunning shots from your pet albums with us. We have loved watching the cats, dogs, mice and birds flow into our inbox. Because every pet entered had a clear personality all of its own, our Film Archive staff judges have had a hard time agreeing on just three winners!

But, after much consideration and tabulating of votes, we are excited to announce that the winners are: Continue reading

My Favourite PET – last entries

We’re impressed by the number of star pets across New Zealand!

This is the last round of contestants in the My Favourite Pet photo competition. The competition has now closed and the judges are considering all of the stunning pet entrants closely. The winners will be announced here on the Gauge blog shortly.

Read more about the My Favourite Pet competition here.


Alanna Hazel1

Alanna’s dog, Hazel.

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