Favourite Collection Items – Wellington Rock

We’ve asked staff to describe an item from the collection that they really like. Here’s Client Experience & Discovery Manager Emma Richardson. She’s a big rock fan and presents a couple of classics, plus something a little more laid back.

This is such an anthem from New Zealand’s best rock band – Shihad. Their classic Home Again has become a crowd favourite at live gigs. The line ‘put you clock back for the winter’ is a great phrase for remembering what to do at daylight savings.

Head Like a Hole are another of Wellington’s coolest acts. They were so great back in the 90s – some really wild gigs. Their video for Fish Across Face is pretty ridiculous.

This wee personal record has some lovely shots of Wellington from around 1984. Street scenes of Cuba Street show that it hasn’t changed all that much either! There’s in-depth footage of the old Matterhorn Coffee Lounge – this recording comes from its owner, George Stucki. Plus it has a soundtrack that will get stuck on your head!

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