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“Robert Rakete and Vanessa Wagener, one of Australia’s top drag queens, host a night of fun and mayhem involving a variety of floats, performers, volunteers and onlookers as they take part in the colourful and sometimes outrageous Auckland street parade. Truebliss’s Joe Cotton and Queer Nation’s Mark van Moorsel soak up the atmosphere, and there will be profiles and interviews from people working behind the scenes.” - (New Zealand Listener)

Judges: Marilyn Waring, Lilith (aka Gareth Farr), Chris Carter; Includes speech from PM Helen Clark.

0:00:23 - Hero Parade 2001
Robert Rakete and Vanessa Wagener, Joe Cotton and Mark van Moorsel.
Ribbon cutting by PM Helen Clark and MP Georgina Beyer, Mayor of Auckland Christine Fletcher, and the founders of Hero Rex [Halliday] and Bruce [Culmisdon], Miss K and the Hero Trust Board.
Comments: Mana Tere, float organiser; TV3 Hero marching girls; Diniel, Auckland Deaf & Gay community; Marching Band; Christine Fletcher, Mayor of Auckland; Don Gooder & Jane Khull, Auckland University of Technology - float organisers; Glen Crewther, 5th Season gardening Group - float organiser; Guest Bill Ralston; Freda Stark float; Hon. Judith Tizard, MP Auckland Central; Warwick Broadhead, Hero Parade Creative Director - remembrance float; Mika; Right Honourable Helen Clark; Georgina Beyer, MP Wairarapa; Susana Carryer “Angel” and hector Cumming “God”, Auckland Community Church; Pam Corkery; Peter Gordon and Michael McGrath, restaurateurs; Buckwheat; Carmen; Gareth Farr; Graig Osborne, Marching Boys Coach; Philip Patson, Queer of the Year 1999; Sean Lofts, CEO Hero Trust; Kim Elliott, Auckland Sexual Health; Isaac Dasilva, costume designer - Qantas float; Miss K.

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Year 2001

Reference number F50420

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Performance

Duration 1:30:00

Production company PHOENIX TELEVISION

Location information

Credits Director: Nigel Carpenter
Producer: Heather Lee
Producer: Mandy Toogood
Producer: Simon Sinclair
Iso Director: Ross Peebles
Parade Coordinator: Larissa Marno
Creative Director: Warwick Broadhead
Street Director: Justin Cockerill
Street Director: Megan Jones
Lighting Director: John Grieves
Ob Manager: Graeme Trilbey
Post Production Assistant: Grant Baker
Vision Control: Dean Winyard
Vision Control: Peter Ginley
Cameras: Malcolm Reeve
Cameras: Ted Koopu
Cameras: Simon Ellis
Cameras: Clint Bruce
Cameras: Terry Bryan
Cameras: Dana Little
Cameras: John Robertson
Cameras: Bernie Cleal
Cameras: Bevan Crothers
Cameras: Karla Underwood
Cameras: Peter Dunne
Cameras: Stephen Moody
Cameras: Adelle Wintle
Vt Operator: Jenny Greenhalgh
Editors: Richard Baron
Editors: Aaron Dobel
Ob Sound: Michael Donnelly
Sound Assistants: Peter Brebner
Sound Assistants: Brent Ironmonger
Sound Assistants: Matthew Heine
Sound Assistants: Richard Redgrove
Sound Assistants: Andy Williams
Sound Assistants: Richars Sweeting
Technicans: Brett Penman
Technicans: Guy Thompson
Links Technician: Peter List
Hosts: Robert Rakete
Hosts: Vanessa Wagner
Field Reporter: Joe Cotten
Field Reporter: Mark Van Moorsel
Researcher: Marc Van Moorsel