EYE WITNESS NEWS. 28/10/1986

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The London stock exchange has a rocky ride into the computer age. Sir Nicholas Goodison (Chairperson, Stock Exchange); Sir Martin Jacomb (Barclay's Bank).

Tax authorities in both Australia and NZ moving to close a tax loophole - double dipping Frank Owen (Tax Expert, Ernst and Whitney); Trevor De Cleene (Under Secretary of Finance).

How accurate are the political polls? Also, electoral boundaries Alan McRobie (Political Scientist); Nigel Roberts (Political Scientist).

The race to find a cure for AIDS - professional reputations are as much at stake as the lives of victims. Prof. Luc Montagner (Pasteur Institute); Dr Robert Gallo (US Cancer Institute); Dr Robert Windom (Assistant Secretary for Health); Dr Dannie King (Burroughs Welcome Company); Jonathan Stewart (AIDS Patient).

Black market baby trade between Mexico and the USA John Hughes (INS Investigator); Linda and Phillip Phillips (Adoptive Parents); Dr William Pierce (National Commissioner for Adoption.

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Year 1986

Reference number F58219

Collection Film and Video Collection

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Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television


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