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A lightheartedTeen drama series focusing on the life and times, the trials and tribulations, of a 15-year-old girl, her friends and somewhat odd family.
This episode: Eve has to choose between beating Imogen for a place on a Japanese exchange programme or supporting Sylvie when she’s wrongly accused of drug use.

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Year 2003

Reference number F60216

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:23:26


Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Credits Executive Producer: John Barnett
Executive Producer: Gavin Strawhan
Executive Producer: Sally Campbell
Executive Producer: Andrew Shaw
Executive Producer: Jay Firestone
Executive Producer: Adam Haight
TV3 Network Executive: Caterina De Nave
Producer: Vanessa Alexander
Line Producer: Anne Williams
Associate Producer: Peter Salmon
Associate Producer: Zane Holmes
Created: Maxine Fleming
Created: Katherine Fry
Created: Gavin Strawhan
Writers: Peter Salmon
Writers: Gavin Strawhan
Writers: Maxine Fleming
Writers: Kirsty McKenzie
Writers: Kate McDermott
Writers: Steven Zanoski
Storyliners: Gavin Strawhan
Storyliners: Maxine Fleming
Storyliners: Steven Zanoski
Storyliners: Vanessa Alexander
Storyliners: Peter Salmon
Script Editors: Maxine Fleming
Script Editors: Vanessa Alexander
Story: Maxine Fleming
Story: Vanessa Alexander
Director: Peter Salmon
Director: Vanessa Alexander
Director: Zane Holmes
Director: Virginia Pitts
Director: Andrew Merrifield
Production Manager: Deborah Cope
Production Accountant: Lee Ann Hasson
Production Co-Ordinator: Geeling Ching
Production Secretary: Jane Gadd
Script Co-Ordinator: Jo Johnson
Production Runner: Jess Pennington
Director of Photography: Dale McCready
Director of Photography: Warwick Wrigley
Editors: Gary Hunt
Editors: Cameron Crawford
Production Designer: Melissa Hastings
Costume Designer: Sarah Voon
Make Up Supervisor: Di Ensor
Music Director: Victoria Kelly
Music Director: Joost Langeveld
Original Score: Victoria Kelly
Original Score: Joost Langeveld
Cast: Fleur Saville
Cast: Joanna Morrison
Cast: Alison Bruce
Cast: Stephen Lovatt
Cast: Tandi Wright
Cast: Lionel Wickliffe
Cast: Leighton Cardon
Cast: Cameron Stanton
Cast: Jay Bunyan
Cast: Michelle O’brien
Cast: James Hobby
Cast: Vicki Lin
Cast: Renee Leonard-Rogers
Cast: Karl Willetts
Cast: Paul Barrett
Cast: Hannah Tolich
Cast: Martin Baynton
Cast: Margaret-Mary Hollins
Cast: James Napier
Cast: Mark Harvey
Cast: Vaughan Trembath
Cast: David Taylor