ONE NEWS. 16/05/2004

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A law change to be introduced to Parliament soon will ensure people can not shelter improperly under the "double Jeopardy" rule which stipulates that a person cannot be tried for the same crime twice.Phil Goff (Justice Minister); Peter Churchman (Kensington Swan).

NZ troops in Iraq have hit back at claims that they are not sticking to their brief by working too closely with British troops. Nick Peauafi (NZ Army); James Whitworth (NZ Army); "Ants" Howie (Commanding Officer).

The Government has decided to strengthen links with the Middle East by opening up a new embassy in Egypt.

National Leader Don Brash has accused Maori leadership of not standing up to the Government on issues that really matter such as education. Don Brash (National Leader); John Tamihere (Associate Maori Affairs Minister).

The Solomon Islands is bracing itself for a major HIV/Aids outbreak following revelations that blood has not been screened since ethnic tensions broke out four years ago. Joseph Nunia (Honiara Resident); Jimmy Luitolo (Honiara Resident); Benjaman Kavora (Market Seller); Maire Bopp Dupont (Pacific Aids Foundation); George Malefoasi (Under-Secretary of Health).

NZ veterans from the Battle of Crete have celebrated the 60th anniversary of the battle with NZ's Greek community. Kyriakos Virvidakis (Mayor of Chania, Crete); Len Earnshaw (Crete Veteran); Chris Anastasiadis (Crete Descendant); John Bowker (Crete Veteran); Sonny Sewell (Maori Battallion); John Petris (Translator).

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