TV3 NEWS. 31/08/2004

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Cereal manufacturer Dick Hubbard's bid to become Auckland Mayor looks strong as a recent poll puts him in the lead.Claire Silvester (3 New - live); Dick Hubbard (Auckland Mayoral candidate); John Banks (Auckland Mayor); Dr Bruce Hucker (former candidate); Christine Fletcher (Mayoral candidate).

The Government is giving employers new powers to request a doctor's certificate after just one day of sick leave if they believe the sickness is not genuine. Paul Swain (Minister of Labour); Wayne Mapp (National Party spokesman); Rod Donald (Green Party Co-Leader).

Auckland-based powerco Mercury Energy is to raise residential electricity prices by an average 8%. It follows rises by Meridian and Genesis of 10% and 12% respectively. Alan Seay (Meridian Energy - rival company); Murray Ellis (energy analyst); Michael Barnett (Auckland Chamber of Commerce).

NZ First Leader Winston Peters today raised a series of allegations in Parliament over an alleged incident at the home of Judge Coral Shaw involving her husband and Phillip Edwards, killer of TV presenter David McNee. Winston Peters (NZ First Leader); George Hawkins (Minister of Police).

The Government has been forced to defend NZ On Air's decision to loan $500,000 to the makers of 'New Zealand Idol', money that it may not be getting back. ACT Party MP Deborah Coddington has called on the Auditor-General to investigate. Steve Maharey (Minister of Broadcasting); Rodney Hide (ACT Party Leader); Richard Prebble (ACT Party MP).

An HIV-positive man has pleaded guilty to charges of knowingly having unprotected sex with four women.

Radical Shi'a cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has called on his followers across Iraq to stop fighting US and Iraqi governing forces.

Oil exports from southern Iraq have stopped after a string of attacks on oil pipelines in the region.

Two French journalists kidnapped by Iraqi militants have appeared in a video posted on the Internet. In the video, they ask the French government to give in to the kidnappers' demand that it revoke a law banning Muslim headscarves in French schools.

In Australia, a recent poll puts John Howard's Coalition Party ahead of Mark Latham's Labor Party.

In the US, President George W. Bush appears to be pulling ahead of John Kerry.

Report on the Republican Party Convention in New York, where the 'War on Terror' has been repeatedly stressed. Mark Racicot (Bush-Cheney Campaign Chairman); George W. Bush (US President).

The Consumers Institute and rental car companies are wary of a proposal to charge speed camera fines to tourists' credit cards. Pete Hodgson (Minister of Transport); John Collins (Car Rental Association); David Russell (Consumers Institute).

The Overseas Investment Commission is expected to issue a decision in the next few days on whether Canadian singer Shania Twain will be allowed to purchase a high country station near Wanaka. As part of the purchase proposal, the singer has offered to build a public walking track on the land. Jeff Chappell (track supporter); Don McRae (farmer).

A team of NIWA scientists are attempting to assess future weather trends in the Canterbury region. Jim Salinger (NIWA climate scientist); John Fisher (Environment Canterbury).

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