ONE NEWS. 13/06/2005

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French Journalist Florence Aubenas and her translator Hussein Hanun al-Saadi have been freed. They had been taken hostage in Iraqi in January.

A plan to stop a growing Auckland from sprawling any further by the Auckland Regional Council is creating fears that some suburbs - such as Glen Innes - will become ghetto areas. Paul Walbran (Auckland Regional Council); Voxpop; David Hodge (Tamaki College Principal); Professor Jenny Dixon (Urban Planning Specialist); Jacobina Plummer (Reporting from Glen Innes, Auckland).

Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws fronted up to his own Wanganui council to face up to charges he breached the council's code of conduct by being abusive to six constituents. Michael Laws (Wanganui Mayor); Rob Moodie (Complainants' Lawyer); John Newton (Reporting from Wanganui).

There has been a bizarre twist in the Schapelle Corby case with an Indonesian soap star being added to her legal team to lift her public image in the eyes of Indonesians. Anisa Tri Hapsari (Indonesian Actress); Hotman Hutapea (Corby's Lawyer); Lily Lubis (Corby's Lawyer).

The Ministry of Health has decided to offer HIV tests to all pregnant women after a pregnant woman infected her child unknowingly. Dr Graham Mills (HIV Specialist); Dr Patrick Tuohy (Ministry of Health); Rachael Le Mesurier (NZ Aids Foundation).

Italians have been voting on a two day referendum on relaxing laws about fertility treatment and embryo research. But the Roman Catholic church is asking people to not vote at all. Jeremy Bowen (BBC Correspondent, Rome).

The US Senate looks set to apologise for the first time ever for never putting into place laws to prevent lynchings that took place over seven decades ago. Michelle Kosinski (NBC News); Lonnie Bunch (Chicago Historical Society).

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