TV3 NEWS. 11/06/2005

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There have been calls for the Government to do more to help protect homosexual students from bullying. Maria Hogan (Former Student); Julie Hogan (Mother); Judie Alison (PPTA).

Britain is increasingly confident that at the G8 conference a deal will be made to wipe out much of Africa's debt. Gordon Brown (British Chancellor of the Exchequer); Archbishop Desmond Tutu (South Africa).

Pope Benedict XVI has told African Bishops saying abstinence from sex is the only way to prevent the spread of Aids in the continent.

The smokefree legislation that came into effect six months ago has had an unexpected side effect with many household garage bars being opened up to allow people to smoke. Mark Dent (Home Bar Owner); Peter Morrison (Canterbury Hospitality Association); John van Buren (WIN Party).

An Italian aid worker has been released by the kidnappers who took her hostage in Afghanistan for 24 days. Ali Ahmad Jalali (Afghan Interior Minister).

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Year 2005

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