TV3 NEWS. 09/08/2005

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Teachers at Onehunga High School are angry it took five calls to 111 to get the police to come to the school where a group of young men were attacking the Principal. Chris Saunders (Principal); Helen McHaffy (Teacher).

The lawyers for David Henderson - caught up in the white collar celebrity drug ring - have asked for leniency when he received his sentence next week. Plus the alleged kingpin of the drug ring has been revealed as John Waterworth. Judge Simon Lockhart (Auckland District Court); Fletcher Pilditch (Crown Prosecutor).

More evidence contradicting the Prime Minister has surfaced in the speeding motorcade trial. Inspector Dave Cliff (Inquiry Head).

National leader Don Brash has unveiled National's immigration policy. Part of the policy includes a four year probationary period for immigrants where they can be removed from the country for breaking the law and will not be eligible for social welfare. The refugee quota will be reduced and sponsorship guidelines tightened. Don Brash (National Leader); Winston Peters (New Zealand First Leader); Paul Swain (Immigration Minister); Stephen Parker (Political Editor).

The Government is saying that National's Nick Smith has gotten it wrong in his criticism of a proposed draft ruling for animal welfare that would mean dog bowls would have to be cleaned properly each day or else the owner would face prison time. Damien O'Connor (Associate Agriculture Minister); Nick Smith (National MP).

A landmark legal case is beginning in Wellington to decide whether a 35 year old HIV positive man should have told his partner of his status before having protected sex with her. Emily White (AIDS Foundation).

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammed has left Britain ahead of proposed controversial law changes that would have seen him imprisoned for 'promoting and endorsing terrorism'. Anjem Choudary (Muslim Commentator); Omar Bakri Muhammed (Muslim Cleric, 5 August).

Iran has defied strong international pressure and restarted it's nuclear program. Iran insists the program is for power generation only, not to make nuclear weapons.

National and ACT are scrapping again, this time over nine ACT billboards that National claims are suggestive that National agrees with ACT's policy of voters giving a candidate vote to National and Party Vote to ACT. Rodney Hide (ACT Leader).

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