ONE NEWS. 22/09/2005

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A story on date rape in Otago's student magazine is causing outrage. Holly Walker (Critic Editor); Louise Carroll (Drug Rape Trust Chair); Voxpop; Constable Andy Ferguson (Campus Police Officer).

Hurricane Rita is threatening to tear up America's gulf coast, only shortly after Hurricane Katrina tore up New Orleans and Louisiana. Voxpop; Lyda Ann Thomas (Galveston Mayor); Rick Perry (Texas Governor); Janie Duncan (Red Cross Volunteer).

The World Health Organisation is warning that the Aids problem in the Pacific Islands is a problem New Zealand can not afford to ignore. Dr Bernard Fabre-Teste (WHO Aids Adviser); Lorelei Mason (Reporting from Noumea); Rachel Le Mesurier (NZ Aids Foundation); Dr Mark Jacobs (New Zealand Ministry of Health).

The World Health Organisation is also concerned about the possibility of a bird flu outbreak in Indonesia.

The first payout worth millions of dollars in fisheries assets is finally in Maori hands. Sonny Tau (Ngapuhi Runanga Chairman); Tini Molyneux (Maori Affairs Correspondent); Geraldine Baker (Runanga Fisheries Manager).

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