TV3 NEWS. 21/10/2005

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Police Commissioner Rob Robinson was fined for speeding today. Greg O'Connor (Police Association); Michael White (Local - speaking from Maheno Service Centre); Rob Robinson (Police Commissioner - file footage).

Australia has found three racing pigeons that test positive for bird flu antibodies. John Howard (Australian PM);Thawat Suntrajarn (Thai Communicable Disease Control).

Fa'afafine are holding their first annual meeting in Auckland where they are demanding a greater voice in the fight against Aids. Edward Cowley (NZ Aids Foundation).

A lawyer involved in the trial of Saddam Hussein has been abducted from his Baghdad office.

The Russian Government is searching for ways to stop massive numbers of people killing themselves with alcohol. Vasili Koyushev (Korkerosk Komi Hospital); Marina Istikhovskaya (Local Politician).

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and NZ was the first country to begin commemorations. Stella Wilkinson-Duffy (Victory School Pupil); Paul Matheson (Nelson Mayor); David Hedgley (Navy Commander).

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