ONE NEWS. 26/10/2005

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Some believe a curfew may be the best solution to curb youth gangs in South Auckland in conjunction with tough policing. Barry Curtis (Manukau City Mayor); Mike Usmar (Community Development Worker); Neiafu Ngalu (Student); Peter gall (Papatoetoe High School).

The latest survey of business confidence shows two-thirds are pessimistic about the future, despite New Zealanders' spending up large. Plus, it is predicted that there will be an interest rate rise tomorrow. John McDermott (ANZ National Bank); Justin Hamlen (Ballistics Wake and Snow).

Cherie Blair's charity visit to NZ and Australia is now under investigation amid revelations that one charity did not receive any money from her visit. David Cousins (Consumer Affairs Victoria); Max Markson (Event Promoter).

Questions are again being asked about Labour MP Taito Phillip Field's involvement in immigration cases. Francesca Mold (TVNZ Political reporter - live from Parliament).

Children at a South Auckland primary school have been gifted counterfeit shoes courtesy of the Auckland City Mission. Tone Kolose (Wymondley Primary School Principal); Hamish Ward (Westpac).

NZ could be on track for its highest rate of HIV infection. There is concern that the male gay community, especially in Auckland, may be ignoring safe sex messages. Jay Bennie (Late shift Club Owner); Michael Stevens (Auckland University Ph.D. Researcher); Tony Hughes (Aids Foundation).

A look at the global Aids pandemic and how it has affected the children of Swaziland.

There is a push for United Nations agencies to take charge in the global fight against bird flu.

British MP George Galloway has hit back at allegations that he profited from the UN Oil for Food programme in Iraq and lied to the US Senate. George Galloway (Independent British MP).

Iraqis have approved their new Constitution, but the news was overshadowed by the death of the 2000th US soldier in Iraq. George W Bush (US President).

National has named its Shadow Cabinet, aimed at targeting NZ First and challenging political correctness. Murray McCully (National Foreign Affairs Spokesman); Don Brash (National Leader).

Disabled people are calling for all public transport to have compulsory standards to guarantee access. Alison Riseborough (Wheelchair User); Ross Martin (Stagecoach Executive Chairman); Chris Orr (Foundation for the Blind); Roslyn Noonan (Human Rights Commission).

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