ONE NEWS. 19/04/2006

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The Solomon Islands is reported to be close to anarchy tonight with widespread rioting following the election of a new Prime Minister. Barbara Dreaver (Pacific Correspondent); Dorothy Wickham (Solomon Islands Journalist); John Howard (Australian Prime Minister); Shane Castles (Solomon Islands Police Commissioner); Helen Clark (Prime Minister); Guyon Espiner (Political Editor).

The family of Charles Upham is embroiled with a fight with the Government over an attempt to seel Upham's war medals. Hamish Clark (Reporting from Christchurch); Annette King (Acting Defence Minister); John Campbell (RSA President).

Doctors are concerned over an upsurge of children with breathing difficulties in New Zealand. Dr Cass Byrnes (Report co-author); Suzette McVicar (Liam and Alan's Mother); Dr Innes Asher (Paediatrician and Report co-author); Jennifer Curtis (Reporting from Wellington).

Another sewerage spill into oyster farms has led to a call from Federated Farmers for the Government to step in. Tini Molyneux (Reporter); Mark Farnsworth (Northland Regional Council Chairman); Jonathan Jarmen (Northland Health); Bill Guest (Federated Farmers Northland); Alan Tindall (Oyster Farmer).

A leading education expert has warning of a growing gender gap in academic achievement. Oliver Kember (Reporting from Auckland); Paul Baker (Education Expert); Steve Maharey (Education Minister).

New Zealand money is being poured into Papua New Guinea to help combat the AIDS crisis there. Barbara Dreaver (Pacific Correspondent); Gertrude (Sex Worker); Dame Carol Kidu (Cabinet Minister).

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