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The Chamberlains receive a pardon for the murder of their daughter Azaria, but fail to get their convictions quashed. Three part story: (i) background; (ii) interview with the Chamberlains; (iii) those who made money out of the Chamberlain affair.(ii) Michael and Lindy Chamberlain, interview by Mike Willisie (Channel 7); (iii) Richard Shears (Journalist); Guy Boyd (Sculptor); John Bryson (Author).

The South Pacific Forum in Apia - how fragile is the unity of the member nations ? Bob Hawke (Australian PM); Bill Hayden (Australian Foreign Minister); Paias Wingti (PM, Papua New Ginea); Ezekial Alebua (PM, Solomon Islands); David Lange (NZ PM).

Reaction to the shooting of Lebanon's Prime Minister, and the impact on the strife-torn nation Kassem Ja'far (Middle East Expert).

Britain threatens sanctions against Iran over the arrest and beating of a British diplomat Margaret Thatcher (British PM); Sir Geoffrey Howe (British Foreign Secretary).

British election campaign turns into a series of personal attacks on Margaret Thatcher; latest Gallup poll. David Owen (SDP Leader); Margaret Thatcher (GB PM).

Third Annual International Conference on AIDS, and glimmers of hope on the treatment of the disease Dr Robert Gallo (National Institute of Health); Dr Sheldon Landesman (Downstate Medical Centre.

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Year 1987

Reference number F92793

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television


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