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The meningitis row continues - are New Zealand infants the first in the world to receive this particular vaccine? Dr John McLeod (Health Dept); Hillary Butler (Anti-Immunisation Group).

Following the Labour Party victory in the Australian election, it is expected that both the Liberals and Labour will restructure. Neil Brown (Dep. Pres. Liberal Party); Andrew Peacock (Former Liberal Leader); John Howard (Liberal Party Leader); Dennis Grant (Corespondent in Canberra).

First anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform Keith Hay (anti-HLR campaigner); Fran Wilde MP (HLR sponsor in House); Norman Jones MP (anti-HLR campaigner); Dick Johnstone (AIDS Counsellor); Barry Reed (Coalition of Concerned Citizens); Peter Wall (Gay Task Force).

Historic talks between white liberals and the ANC in South Africa Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert (Delegation leader); Thabo Mbeki (ANC leader).

US warships escort Kuwati ships through the Persian Gulf

William Casey's funeral was held today - the man Oliver North says approved arms sales to Iran, and diverted funds to the Nicaraguan Contras.

President Reagan's ex-deputy Chief of Staff, and best friend is charged with perjury Rep. Ron. Wyden (Oversight & Investigations Sub-cmte); Micheal Deaver (Former White House Aide): Pres. Ronald Reagan.

A court case in Israel continues even though the accused, an alleged guard at Treblinka during WWII, has sacked his lawyer Mark O'Conner (Demjanjuk's ex-lawyer); John Demjanjuk (Accused's son); Yoram Sheftel (Demjanjuk Co-Attorney); John Gill Demjanjuk Co-Attorney).

New treatment of birth marks with laser technology.

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Year 1987

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Collection Film and Video Collection

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Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

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