ONE NEWS. 28/05/2006

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A massive earthquake has killed thousands in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and New Zealand has pledged aid to help recovery efforts. Fred Francis (Reporter); Mark Torley (One News); Nyoman Wardani (New Zealand Resident); Helen Clark (Prime Minister); Andrew McKie (New Zealand Red Cross).

There has been no let-up in the violence in East Timor, with New Zealand troops patrolling the streets seeking to calm down rioters. Donna-Marie Lever (One News); Lieutenant Commander Wayne Burtton (New Zealand Defence Force); Colonel John McLeod (New Zealand Defence Force); Major Tony Robinson (New Zealand Defence Force).

The first poll since Labour's Budget has seen Labour take a hit and National take the lead. Guyon Espiner (Political Editor); Michael Cullen (Minister of Finance).

Some New Zealand Muslims claim they're being persecuted by Customs when they fly back into the country. Maher Fauzi (New Zealand Muslim); Simon Bradwell (One News); Javed Khan (Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand).

The origins of the AIDS virus have been confirmed as coming from chimps.

The first gay pride parade in Russia has been stopped in its tracks by violence and a police crackdown.

The fallout from the Budget shifted this week to Parekura Horomia, who was revealed to not have asked for any extra money for his Department in this years Budget. Questions were asked of exactly what Auckland Issues Minister Judith Tizard does; and Rodney Hide was criticised for his absence from Parliament recently. Hannah Hodson (Political Reporter); Parekura Horomia (Minister of Maori Affairs); Michael Cullen (Minister of Finance); Peter Brown (New Zealand First); Judith Tizard (Auckland Issues Minister); Rodney Hide (ACT Party Leader); Gerry Brownlee (National Deputy Leader).

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