TV3 NEWS. 05/06/2006

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Foreign troops in East Timor are dishing out rough justice to rioting gangs, while the Timorese Parliament met to try and find a solution to the violence. Arlane Rummery (UNHCR Spokeswoman).

Two hundred New Zealanders have been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours list, including former All Black Captain Tana Umaga. Gareth Farr (Composer); Dr Sydney Moko Mead (Maori Academic); Duncan Laing (Swimming Coach); Tana Umaga (Former All Black Captain); Elizabeth McRae (Actor); Don McRae (Architect).

In Iraq a number of teenage students were dragged from their bus by fake guards at a checkpoint and killed.

Iran says it will disrupt Gulf oil shipments if it is attacked by the USA over its nuclear programme. Condoleezza Rice (US Secretary of State).

Canadian Muslims are fearing a backlash after the arrest of 17 Canadians by undercover Mounties on terrorism charges.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the AIDS epidemic. Dr Michael Gottlieb (Immunologist); Dr Mervyn Silverman (AIDS Research Foundation); Laurie Garrett (Former Journalist).

The debate over whether police should be armed with tasers was given a fresh argument for today after a police dog was repeatedly stabbed by a knife-weilding fugitive. Sergeant Al McRae (Napier Police Dog Section); Superintendent Grant Nicholls (Eastern District Commander); Superintendent John Rivers (Operational Services Manager); Marie Dyhrberg (Campaign Against The Taser); Greg O'Connor (New Zealand Police Association).

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