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Current Affairs.

National party front-bench may get a shake-up. Dr Barry Gustafson (Unsuccessful National candidate Birkenhead); Carole Wilson (National Electorate Chair, Birkenhead); Murray McCully (National MP East Coast Bays); Sue Wood (former National Party President).

Interview with National Party President on the future direction of the party Neville Young (National Party President).

Possibilities for the new cabinet; David Lange cancels his regular weekly post-cabinet press conferences David Lange (PM).

Reaction of the money market to the election result Grant Paterson (Doyle-Paterson & Co); Andrew Hibbard (Economist, ANZ Bank).

US minesweeping helicopters, and French and British reinforcements are on the way to the Persian Gulf; the family of British boat captain killed by mine mourns; Egypt and the US appear to be having heavy joint military manoeuvres

The Soviet Union and Iran forge new diplomatic links Gennady Gerasimov (Soviet Foreign Ministry Spokesperson); Dmitri Simes (CBS Consultant).

India celebrates its fortieth anniversary of independence - but what has changed since the British left ? Kushwant Singh (Historian); H.L. Malik (Businessman); L.K. Advani (Opposition Leader).

Switzerland has a serious AIDS problem, partly because of a high number of heroin addicts, partly because of 'liberal' sexual morality Dr Albert Wettstein (Zurich City Doctor); M. Winterler (Bath House Owner).

The Chinese discover new bronze figures that point to a previously unknown culture.

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Year 1987

Reference number F93540

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:58:00


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