TV3 NEWS. 17/06/2006

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The Junior Doctors strike continued today, with North Shore Hospital losing power following a lightning strike. Hospitals apparently were able to deal with emergencies, helped by some Junior Doctors who broke the strike to help out. Rachel Haggarty (Waitemata DHB); Dr Spiro Tsipouras (Emergency Physician); Cameron Grant-Fergie (Nurse); Teresa Kirkwood (Patient).

New Zealand is bracing for a showdown with Japan at the International Whaling Commission. Sarah Duthie (Greenpeace).

New Zealanders are being denied access to a wide range of pain relieving drugs according to an Australian Health Economist. Jonathan Smith (HIV Patient); Rachael Le Mesurier (NZ AIDS Foundation); Dr Pippa Mackay (Researched Medicines Industry Association); Peter Moodie (Pharmac).

A suicide shoe bomber has killed at least 11 at a Mosque in Iraq.

The US has warned North Korea not to test a long range missile capable of reaching the United States.

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Year 2006

Reference number F93675

Collection Film and Video Collection

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Series 3 NEWS

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