TV3 NEWS. 25/02/2007

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There is confusion over whether the stricken Japanese Whaling Ship that was affected by a fire in the Southern Ocean will return immediately to whaling or return to Japan. Chris Carter (Conservation Minister); Karli Thomas (Speaking from Greenpeace Ship, Esperanza); Glenn Inwood (Japanese Whaling Spokesman).

Energy Producers are meeting to discuss the future of New Zealand's power production, and how to make it sustainable and green. Peter Nielson (Sustainable Development Business Council); Phil O'Reilly (Business New Zealand).

American voters are facing their first ever billion dollar Presidential Campaign in 2008, and one candidate has all ready had to bail out of the race for the Democratic Nomination, citing expense. Michael Toner (Federal Election Commission).

The leader of Gambia claims to have found a cure for HIV/Aids. Yahya Jammeh (Gambian President.

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Year 2007

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