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“Set in 1953, HER MAJESTY is a widely appealing coming of age story about a young girl who realizes her lifelong dream when Queen Elizabeth comes to visit her small hometown.
Carefully woven into this deceptively simple tale is a rich and engaging tapestry of universal themes and ideas — tolerance and truth, love and friendship, courage in the face of adversity. The delightful result is a timeless parable about race relations and identity which seamlessly transcends age, gender and culture.
The heroine is Elizabeth Wakefield, a 13-year old New Zealand girl who lives in the quaint, and somewhat quirky town of Middleton. With her idol, Queen Elizabeth, scheduled to make a visit, and everyone in town, including her father, jockeying to curry favor with the royal entourage, Elizabeth suddenly finds herself thrust into an unlikely friendship with an old Maori woman, Hira Mata, whose house - a sore spot with the matrons of the town - is directly on the parade route past which the Queen will travel.
Elizabeth's true character is tested when she must choose between marching in the ceremonial parade of her dreams with a chance to personally meet the Queen and her loyalty to Hira, whose defiant insistence on maintaining and defending her home against all odds, teaches Elizabeth the importance of standing up for what she believes in.” - www.hermajestythemovie.com; 15/03/2007

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Year 2004

Reference number F98041

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Genre Feature

Duration 1:43:00

Production company Silicon Valley Film Fund LLC

Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Credits Director: Mark J Gordon
Writer: Mark J Gordon
Cast: Sally Andrews
Cast: Anna Sheridan
Cast: Mark Clare
Cast: Alison Routledge
Cast: Geoff Snell
Cast: Craig Elliott
Cast: Patrick Morrison
Cast: Todd Emerson
Cast: Alexander Gandar
Cast: Anton Tennet
Cast: Stuart Devenie
Cast: Rachel Wallis
Cast: Chris Hollyer
Cast: Chris Tippett
Cast: Virginia Wickham
Cast: Paula Keenan
Cast: Judy Rankin
Cast: Carole Seay
Cast: Lyn Jordan
Cast: Liddy Holloway
Cast: Vicky Haughton
Producer: James D Brubaker
Producer: Walter Coblenz
Producer: Lisa B Gordon
Producer: Susan Lyon Hailey
Producer: Susan Saltz
Producer: Judith Trye
Original Music: William Ross
Cinematography: Stephen M Katz
Editor: Virginia Katz
Casting: Rachael Bullock
Casting: Terri De'ath
Production Design: Kim Sinclair
Sound Department: Christian August
Sound Department: Lloyd Canham
Sound Department: Steven Erickson
Sound Department: Jeremy Hoenack
Special Effects: Jason Durey
Special Effects: Michael Adkisson