ONE NETWORK NEWS. 03/01/1991

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6 women at the Christchurch women’s prison have started a hunger strike over the government’s proposal to lock prisoners in their cells for longer hours. Other action taken includes a series of fires lit in prisons throughout the country.
Justice Minister Doug Graham said the action will have no effect and he won’t be intimidated. Speaker: Doug Graham (Justice Minister)

The two escaped prisoners in Auckland are still on the loose.

A full scale armed offenders alert was held in Johnsonville, Wellington, after shots were heard. Speaker: Inspector Greg Gilpln (Wellington Police)

Traffic officers are claiming some success in their battle against the road toll but they still believe the toll is too high. Speaker: Chief Supt Philip Wright (Traffic Safety Service)

22 year old Moana Cole of Christchurch, a New Zealand anti war protester, is in jail tonight after breaking into an American Air Force base near New York.

3 Dunedin law firms are taking their city council to court over fees paid to local councilors. The lawyers object to councilors getting directors fees for serving on city companies. Speaker: Stephen Rodgers (Dunedin Lawyer)

A large shoal of sharks forced swimmers from the water in Nelson near Rabbit Island.

New Zealand won the speedway midget series against the US at Western Springs. Speaker: Stan Fox (U.S.A. Captain)

A unique Maori war canoe built for the 1990 celebrations was used by members of the public today. Speaker: Jim Elkington (organiser)

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Year 1991

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Credits Presenter: Tom Bradley
Presenter: Jeremy Coney
Reporter: Philip Smith
Reporter: Jo Malcolm
Reporter: John McDermott
Reporter: Ansley Torbit