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Soap concerning the lives and loves of the staff of the medical centre, Shortland Street.

“Tane assures Wiremu that he can talk his way into a well-paid job. He calls about a marketing position at a CD store, but his lack of qualifications rule him out. He and Wiremu decide they need TKs help, and TK suggests that they apply for jobs as hospital cleaners. The dismayed boys have an interview with Libby. She talks up the job and for a moment they believe they have found suitable employment. But then they witness a cleaner mopping up vomit and decide they cant do a job that involves cleaning up human waste. TK is annoyed that they seem to think they are too good for the job. He has one last idea and sends them to see Kieran, who offers one of them a job as a kitchen-hand. They toss a coin for the position and Wiremu wins, but when they see what the job entails Tane smugly notes that Wiremu is actually the loser.
Shanti sets up a special Diwali morning tea. Scotty is taken aback by the festivities and Shanti is a little sad that he doesnt join in the fun. She invites him to a Diwali dinner, but he claims that hed feel out of place. Shanti is disappointed but accepts it. When Shanti, Alice and TK prepare to entertain the patients with some Diwali cheer, Scottys disapproval is clear. TK calls Scotty on his attitude, implying that Scotty shouldnt penalise Shanti just because hes not connected to his own culture. Scotty sees Shanti and Alice having a laugh with some patients over Bollywood dancing and cant resist a smile. He is left questioning his intransigence. Then Shanti is intrigued when Scotty wants to see her out in the ambo bay. He surprises her with a fireworks display. Shanti is moved and Scotty agrees to go to a Diwali dinner with her, taking a small step outside his comfort zone.
In a surgical unit meeting, Shanti learns that Durville has concerns about the sudden arrest of one of his patients. He claims there were no indicators of cardiac problems. Shanti passes the information on to Brenda, because, even though Scotty has taken Brenda off the audit research, Shanti feels she should still know whats happening. Brenda asks Durville about his concerns but is almost sprung by Scotty, and cuts her conversation with Durville short. Onto her, Scotty strongly cautions her to stay right out of any investigations into the arrests. Brenda is torn but later is shocked to hear from the lab that the unlabelled syringe she found in the ward contained suxamethonium, a powerful drug used only in emergency departments and operating theatres." - TVNZ;; 30/10/2007

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Year 2007

Reference number F102824

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:30:00


Location information

Credits Producer: Jason Daniel
Director: Britta Johnstone
Writer: Jan Prettejohns
Core Cast: Adam Ricklett
Core Cast: Alison Quigan
Core Cast: Amanda Billing
Core Cast: Anna Jullienne
Core Cast: Benjamin Mitchell
Core Cast: Faye Smythe
Core Cast: Fleur Saville
Core Cast: Katherine McRae
Core Cast: Kimberley Crossman
Core Cast: Lucy Wigmore
Core Cast: Lee Donoghue
Core Cast: Laura Hill
Core Cast: Michael Galvin
Core Cast: Peter Mochrie
Core Cast: Renato Bartolomei
Core Cast: Toni Potter

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