Kentucky Fried Chicken.Duck Shooter

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To the soundtrack of a slow jingle in country style - “Daddy’s gone a-hunting to find us some food. He won’t be back till evening. I sure do hope it’s good” - a man and his dog, secluded in reeds, attempt in vain to shoot down some flying ducks. The man looks at his dog and they return to his Land Rover. The duck hunter stands at a counter, heading a queue of duckhunters. He is presented with a cardboard box labelled ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’. The jingle is now more uptempo: “I’ll tell you about a chicken that is just downtown. You won’t have to wait long, there will be no hangin’ ‘round....” He exits carrying many boxes. Exterior shot Kentucky Fried Chicken as the duckhunters leave. At home with the family around a laden table, he gestures upwards, illustrating his success at duckshooting. He looks conspiratorially down at the dog who makes makes only brief eye contact. Concluding onscreen text under container of the chicken: “Chicken too good to miss. Courtesy of Colonel.”

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Year 1975

Reference number C2175

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Advertisement

Duration 0:01:00