Departure of New Zealand diggers to Australia. 1938-04-19.

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Farewell speeches made on 19th April 1938, on the departure of the New Zealand Diggers for Sydney, to celebrate Anzac Day. [The announcer comments periodically in between speakers.]
The Governor-General Viscount Galway speaks.
Prime Minister, Michael Joseph Savage speaks. He says the government is proud of the men and the organisation which has made the trip possible.
The men give a call of 'Coo-ee.'
The Mayor of Wellington, Thomas Hislop speaks. He is a returned man himself. He asks the men to invite the Australian RSL to come over and join New Zealanders for Anzac Day 1940 for the New Zealand Centennial. He says he wishes he was going with them.
The men sing 'For he's a jolly good fellow.'
The President of the Returned Services' Association [name unclear] speaks on behalf of the Sydney contingent. He thanks the government for its support in putting on trains to get the men to Wellington for the trip.

Part 2.
2ZB announcer Les Strachan welcomes listeners in Auckland and Dunedin to the broadcast from Aotea Quay, on the occasion of the departure of the steamships Maunganui and Monowai, bearing returned soldiers to Sydney to take part in Anzac Day celebrations in connection with the Sydney Centennial. Tens of thousands of people have gathered to farewell them. Twenty four years have passed since these men left Wellington Harbour in 1914 for World War I.
He describes the parade through the streets of Wellington at that time and how the ships steamed out of the harbour and he recalls the delay to the departure when Prime Minister Massey demanded an escort for them. He mentions the cruiser 'Sydney' sinking the German cruiser 'Emden' en route.
Next Monday in Sydney there will be a great festival of fifty thousand soldiers parading at the War Memorial. Those men who did not return are not forgotten. He sends messages from a couple of the returned men and hands over to 2ZB announcer 'Aggie', [C.T. Agassiz] who served with the Australian Forces.
Aggie describes the scene, with easily ten to twenty thousand people on the wharf. He gives the history of the steamships Maunganui and the Monowai, both being used to transport the Diggers to Sydney and used in World War I as troopships also. Nurses who served in the war will also be going with them.
The Diggers all have streamers in their hands and are throwing them to friends and family on the wharf; singing and music in the background.
"There is no possible doubt about it that there will be a day to be remembered in the history of the Dominion of New Zealand and when those boys come back won't they have some stories to tell."
He gives details of some of the events planned for the returned men in Sydney, including the dawn service in Martin Place.

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Year 1938

Reference number 17314

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

Genre Live sound recordings
Sound recordings

Credits Galway, George Vere Monckton-Arundell (b.1882, d.1943), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Hislop, Thomas Charles Atkinson, 1888-1965, Speaker/Kaikōrero
Savage, Michael Joseph (b.1872, d.1940), Speaker/Kaikōrero
Strachan, Les, Announcer
Agassiz, C. T., Announcer
2ZB (Radio station : Wellington, N.Z.), Broadcaster

Duration 00:24:08

Date [19 Apr 1938]

Subject Maunganui (Ship)
Monowai (Merchant cruiser)
New Zealand Returned Services Association
Wellington (N.Z.)/New Zealand
Anzac Day/Topical
Speeches, addresses, etc., New Zealand/Topical
World War, 1914-1918 -- Veterans -- New Zealand