[The Pamir visits - presented by The Hudson's Bay Company, Canada.]

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"Dorothy Hudson" [Meryle Evelyn Clee] presents a programme aimed at women listeners on Vancouver radio station CKWX. The programme is sponsored by The Hudson's Bay Company, "Vancouver's first department store.'

Dorothy and a male announcer identified only as 'Bob' present a description of the ship the ‘Pamir' during its visit to Vancouver.

The sailing ship has just left after a month in port, to return to New Zealand. [This is probably the 6th voyage under the New Zealand flag, from April to August 1945.] Dorothy describes some of the crew - men mentioned are Able Seaman Warwick Dunsford; Third Mate F. M. "Bob" Renner; Captain Champion, and his two pet canaries who live on the ship.

The history of the ship is given, and a description of the 'Neptune ceremony" the crew carry out every time they cross the Equator. Bob Renner used to have a children's radio programme in New Zealand and produces a ship's newspaper, The Pamir Press, with Warwick Dunsford, the sub-editor.

An article from the paper is read, describing a voyage across the Pacific from Auckland, stopping at Rarotonga, Moorea, Bora Bora, and Nukualofa.

Another article about a voyage in 1942 by Midshipman Douglas "Nobby" Morton is mentioned, along with a poem about modern music by Ordinary Seaman "Ozzie" Ostenfeld.

Roses, the ship's tortoiseshell cat is described. She has given birth to several litters of kittens on board and the crew hold sweepstakes on the size of her litters. Charlie Eglinton, the Second Steward won the most recent lottery. An indignant letter to the Editor (supposedly from Roses), protests about the sweepstakes. One of her kittens, named 'Pamir', has been given to CKWX to find a home and listeners are invited to telephone if they want to adopt it.

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Date [1945]