Paakiwaha 17/08/2009

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This is a weekly two-hour current affairs program from a Māori perspective every Monday 10am to Midday.
Paakiwaha is hosted by Willie Jackson (Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Porou) and broadcast nationwide by Radio Waatea with funding from New Zealand On Air.
Greetings and programme rundown.

Ruth Dyson: Labour Party MP for Port Hills and Spokes person for Health.
An extra 15million dollars will be spent on Sports initiatives in our Schools. This money will come from cuts to health programmes and the scrapping of exercise campaigns like "Mission On" and "Push Play".
Ruth talks with Willie about this government decision to take money away from Community Health Programmes and use it to fund Kiwi Sports.
Ruth says it's outrageous.

Jim Mather: Māori Television CEO. Willie talks about MTS broadcasting the controversial documentary called "The Ten Conditions of Love". It's a documentary made by the minority Uighur Muslim people of China.
There is ongoing tension and ethnic violence between Uighur people and Han Chinese in Urumqui, the Capital City of the Xinjiang province of Western China. A Diplomatic request from the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand was made to MTS not to screen this programme as they consider it malicious.
They also talk about Māori TV's acquisition of TV3's Carol Hirschfeld. A TV executive producer and highly skilled journalist who will become head of Programming at Māori Television Services.

Music: Ruia Aperahama - "He Tohu" and George Benson - "Breezin."

Jason Ake: Willie talks with Jason about the ownership of Tuhua Island, known as Mayor Island in the Bay of Plenty. Obsidian rock has been removed from the Island over recent years and the local Iwi say these should be returned unless gifted by local Iwi. Jason is a Board Member of Te-Whanau-a-Tauwhangoki-tuhua Trust and he tells Willie what Mana Whenua are saying. Jason says the removal of Sacred Tuhua, or Obsidian rock, from the Island is basically theft. The Tourist Helicopter Operator that has allowed his tourist passengers to remove obsidian, have been asked to stop this practice and return rock that have been taken and he likens it to visitors stealing from your home while visiting. The Island is 100% owned by Māori where 90% is a Reserve.

Tamati Kruger & Dale Husband: This is a pre-recorded interview from a recent "Te Hunga Whaitake", "Newsmakers" programme on Radio Waatea.
Tamati Kruger is of Tuhoe descent, Chairman of Te Kotahi a Tuhoe, Māori Advocate and Social and Political Analyst in New Zealand.
Dale talks with Tamati about the Crown offer of around 150 million dollars compensation to settle grievances from the Crown going back as far as the 18oo's.
Tamati tells us how and when the array of claims by Tuhoe came about through the Waitangi Tribunal process.

Trevor Mallard: Former Labour Party Minister talks with Willie about the Wairarapa 'Makutu' Court Case. Trevor believes the Māori whanau involved in the death of Janet Moses, 22 year old mother of two, were let off because they are Māori. The nine defendants charged with manslaughter were involved in a Makutu or Curse lifting ceremony that went wrong and resulted in the death of Janet Moses. Trevor tells Willie how he came to the assumption they were all let off because they were Māori.

Music: Stevie Wonder singing.

Te Haumihiata Mason: Of Tuhoe, Te Arawa and Ngaiterangi descent. Te Haumihiata has translated Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 into Te Reo Māori and it has been scribed in calligraphy style on to soft flax paper and features a green fern frond in the background creating a unique piece of art. On August 19th 2009 this sonnet will be unveiled at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, England, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare's sonnets.
Te Haumihiata talks with Willie about how she went about translating sonnet 18.


Duncan Garner: Qantas Media Award winning Political Editor, with a Weekly wrap-up of Politics. This week Duncan talks about the National Party's popularity is on the up, which is a change from Labour's leadership style. Prime minister John Key's style is very popular.

Ken Laban: Lower Hutt Mayoral Candidate, Prominent Community Leader and Sports Analyst and Commentator, with a Weekly wrap-up of Sports. They talk this week about the Air NZ Cup Rugby, the All Blacks, Super 14, Tiger Woods losing for the first time while he was ahead and it was to an un-named Korean and finishing with Valerie Vili's Gold Medal triumph.

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Credits Garner, Duncan
Jackson, Willie, 1961-
Laban, Ken
Mather, Jim
Ake, Jason
Husband, Dale
Mallard, Trevor, 1954-
Mason, Te Haumihiata
Dyson, Ruth

Duration 02:00:00

Date 17 Aug 2009