Whenua. 24/11/96 ( Part 2 of 2 )

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WHENUA ! 24/11/96 ( Part 2 of 2 )

Presented by Hēnare te Ua from the Radio New Zealand Studios, Auckland, on National Radio.

Greetings / prog promo & rundown.

Music : Marilyn Byers-Ali & Dalvanius - 'Heading in the Right Direction'

Earlier in Whenua !, you may have heard an interview which Elma Maua did when she was at the World Christian Gathering of Indigenous Peoples held recently in Rotorua. She went to one of the medis conferences and asked conference organiser, MONTE OHIA if there are plans for another Gathering.

Music : 1992 Expo Māori Entertainers - 'Poi Medley'

International Māori Tape : LIBBY HAKARAIA.
Henua ! co-host Libby Hakaraia's travel grant from the Asia 2000 Foundation has taken her at this time to Vietnam. Libby's on the phone line now.

Music : Temuera Morrison - 'Waiata Poi'

Tape interview : AROHA RERETI-CROFTS.
Aroha is a former President of the NZ Māori Women's Welfare League. She was on the Tuahiwi marae near Christchurch during the week helping to prepare the marae for Te Rununga O Ngai Tahu's annual meeting which was held two days ago. In conversation with Hemana Waaka, she expresses some of her thoughts about the recent elections and some concerns about the voting system.

Music : Waihirere Māori Club (two items) - 'Matariki' & 'Paikea'
Recorded at the 1988 Aotearoa Māori Performing Arts Festival, Whangarei.

Next week prog rundown.

Music : Robbie Ratana - 'Fools Rush in'

Wrap up / Close

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Year 1996

Reference number 52353

Media type AUDIO

Collection Sound Collection

Ngā Taonga Korero Collection

Credits te Ua, Henare, 1933-2007
MaUa, Elma Ngatokoa, 1948-2010
Ohia, Monte, 1945-2008
Hakaraia, Libby, 1968-
Rereti-Crofts, Aroha

Duration 00:52:00

Date 24 Nov 1996