Morning report. 1990-07-13

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0600 News/Sport
0608 Ex Chkpt: Alec Belida, Whitehouse corresp. on G7 Summit.
0613 Ex BBC: OAU says Africa's fighting for its survival.
0615 Ex BBC: Vietnamese boat people in Hong Kong - no solution
0617 Ex BBC: Thailand's new social security scheme.
0620 Ex Chkpt: Counting time in tens.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 "Morning Comment" : Auckland psychologist, Kate Birch.
0652 Marketing: Dave Banford, Tourism cons./Grand Traverse race
0700 NEWS
00:1:49 SOVIET: Pres. of Russian Fed. Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation from Soviet Commun. Pty. Bridget Kendall BBC LIVE
00:5:38 SHARES: Kim Hill i/v Peter Verschaffelt on big increase in share prices yesterday.
00:00:0:12 WEATHER office: Auditor Gen. expresses concern about restrictions on free forecasts. Janice Rodenburg
00:00:5:12 WEATHER: Minister defends move towards user-pays forecasting. Clare de Lore i/v Bill Jeffries. Met. Serv. Min
00:00:2:34 CIVIL AVIATION increased charges. Adam Gifford i/v Greg Rabe, Pilot
00:00:1:40 AVIATION: Major challenge to new charges. Tino Pereira
00:00:4:46 CHEMICAL weapons - planned incineration on Johnston Is. in the Pacific - US Embassy briefings. Michael Kopp
00:00:3:11 WAIROA: Mayor pleased with crime prevention scheme. Janice Rodenburg i/v Cliff Owen, Mayor of Wairoa
00:00:2:13 IRD keeping taxpayers waiting for their refunds. Peter Aranyi i/v Maurice Williamson, Pakuranga MP
00:00:1:01 TURANGAWAEWAE Marae hosting hui for Waikato Uni. to meet with tribes in catchment area. Adam Gifford METROPOLITAN PAPERS LIVE
00:6:46 FOREIGN INVESTMENT: Geoff Robinson i/v DeAnne Julius, economist who's written book on foreign investment
00:00:1:34 QUEBEC: Battle of the barricades between police & Mohawk Indian tribe - tension high. Tom Earle, BBC
00:1:59 ELECTRICORP predicts power for home consumers should stay below rate of inflation. Peter Abernethy i/v Rod Dean. Elcp
00:00:20:9 ELECTRICORP: Consumers Inst. says Ele'cp taking too big a slice of the pie. Dyan Sharland i/v David Russell. Con. Ins
00:00:2:21 ELECTORAL reform argument. Paul Jackman i/v Bruce Knowles National Party Taranaki Electorate Chairman LIVE
00:5:51 BALLET: Geoff Robinson i/v Jenny Pattrick. Arts Coun. Chair
00:00:3:06 SOCIAL policy. In depth report by Statistics Dept. Peter Verschaffelt i/v Len Cook Act. Govt Statistician
00:00:3:08 LOBSTERS: Project to raise rock lobsters in captivity. Wendy McGregor i/v Dr Peter Smith, Min. of Agriculture
0830 NEWS
00:00:1:51 AA vows to fight govt. until it stops creaming off petrol tax money to boost general coffers. Dyan Sharland LIVE
00:5:38 OSTEOPOROSIS: Kim Hill i/v Dr Ian Reid. Ak. Sch. Medicine
00:00:2:48 MāORI protocol in the public service. John Clarke, Ch. Exec. of Te Manatu Māori LIVE
00:6:32 ABORIGINAL: Kim Hill i/v Lorena Allam, ABC's Aboriginal Affairs reporter
00:00:2:50 GERMANY: Political row in Britain over comments made by Trade Sec. Andrew Whitehead, BBC LIVE
00:5:05 OZ SPOT: Phil Kafcaloudes with the weekly look at events across the Tasman.

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