Morning report. 1990-07-23

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0600 News/ Sport
0610 Ex BBC: complicated - Military regime far from handing over
0615 Ex Correspondent: Irish Sea getting warmer.
0620 Ex Correspondent: 1990 grim year for murders in US
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ> See rural report rundown
0630 News/ Weather/Māori News
0645 Pacific Reginal News : Ex RNZ International
0650 "Morning Comment" : Lloyd Geering. Victoria Uni. Prof.
0652 "Hi Tech' : Jim Higgins - data security - encryption
0700 NEWS
00:2:31 Killing of Ellerslie man Steven John Chapman - police looking for clues. Sally Haysom i/v Snr. Sgt. Graham Bell
00:00:4:12 National Party conference in Wellington at weekend. Richard Griffin i/v Murray McCully, National MP LIVE
00:8:07 National: Kim Hill i/v Jim Bolger, opposition leader
00:00:3:37 Electrical Workers Union critical of plans to change electricity industry. Rory Newsam/John Fisher
00:00:2:26 Compensation claim by Lindy & Michael Chamberlain. Phil Kafcaloudes
00:00:2:37 World cup ski camps at Mount Hutt definitely on. Nick Early i/v Peter Hutchinson, organiser.
00:00:3:02 Māori language week. Sarah Lockie i/v Prof. Timoti Karetu, head of Māori Language Commission
00:00:2:02 Music quota imposed in Australia had big impact there. Todd Naill i/v phil Tripp. Australian music industry advisor Metropolitan Papers
00:00:1:52 Israeli Labour Party challenge for leadership. Stephen Sackur, BBC
00:00:1:35 S.Africa: Infiltration of African National Congress guerrillas. Mike Wooldridge, BBC LIVE
00:5:37 Samoa: Geoff Robinson i/v Fata Pito Faalogo, te reo news editor
00:00:1:19 Muslim groups in Britain condemn decision to ban film on Salman Rushdie. David Willis, BBC
00:3:42 National Party unveils promise for future of Maori. Clare de Lore i/v Winston Peters, opposition LIVE
00:5:40 National Kim Hill i/v Winston Peters, on Maori policy
00:00:2:06 Opposition social Policy spokesman defends comments on Māori rights. Rory Newsam i/v Simon Upton. Soc. Pol. Spokes
00:00:3:02 Deep sleep therapy. Karlum Lattimore/ Prof. John Werry, AK. Psychiatrist/Dana Lee
00:00:2:56 Hospitals: more Wellington people going to private health facility. Mary Tait i/v Vivian Blake, Wakefield Hosp,
00:00:2:27 Environmentalists will have to re-think if planning to vote for Green party. Paul Jackman/ Guy Salmon, Maruia Soc
00:6:44 Crisis: Geoff Robinson i/v Ken Ross, External Assessments Bureau, on crisis prediction
00:00:4:57 Fishing: In-fighting among Māori tribes over divvying-up of quota. Peter Abernethy i/v Matiu Rata, Nga Wakea Chmn. LIVE
00:6:30 Invention: Kim Hill i/v Scott Shane, Pennsylvania Uni
00:00:2:42 Timber import firm says NZ should be planting hardwoods Wendy McGregor i/v Bruce Nimmo, Wn. Timber import firm MD LIVE
00:5:42 DICTIONARY: Geoff Robinson i/v Susan Butler, Editor of Macquarie Dictionary of New Words, just Published

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Year 1990

Reference number 57462

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Genre Radio news programs
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Credits National Radio (N.Z.) (estab. 1986, closed 2007), Broadcaster
Hill, Kim, 1955-, Presenter
Robinson, Geoff, Presenter
Lee, Mike, Editor
Hudson, Brian, 1937-2010, Producer
MacLeod, Catriona, Producer
Williams, Peter, Sports presenter

Date 23 Jul 1990