Morning report. 1990-08-14

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0600 News/Sport
0610 Ex Corresp: Pres. Bush & Middle East conflict
0615 Ex "Chkpt:" NZ doesn't intend to join force in Gulf
0618 Ex "Chkpt:" Manufacturing in NZ is in crisis
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 "Morning Comment" : Donald Feist, Dunedin Minister
0652 "Money Matters": Margaret Inge - NZ Rural Property trust
0700 NEWS
00:4:41 MISSING: Fears for safety of training group missing on Mt. Ruapehu. Rory Newsam i/v Lt. Col. Peter Fry
00:00:2:00 KUWAIT: 24 NZers still in Kuwait. Tino Pereira i/v Graham Ammundsen, External Relations Ministry
00:00:2:20 GULF: Saudi Arabia turns away Iraqi oil tanker. Tim Llewellyn, BBC LIVE
00:5:38 GULF: Geoff Robinson i/v Richard Griffin
00:00:2:02 GULF: Japan begins to feel effects of crisis. William Horsley, BBC
00:00:3:18 PETROL price hikes on the way. Rory Newsam/Graeme Connell
00:00:1:28 AVIATORS demonstration protesting about new aviation fees. Tino Pereira i/v Greg Rabe, small aircraft ops
00:00:1:35 AVIATION Div. warns operators to stay within bounds set by regulations. Tino Pereira i/v Roger Dalzeill, Civ Av
00:00:3:50 HOUSE prices increase, but second smallest rise in 11 yrs Peter Abernethy i/v Chris Dentice, Rolle Assn METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:00:2:13 GULF: Syria troops joining advance troops of Arab force in Saudi Arabia. Harold Briley, BBC LIVE
00:5:40 GULF: Kim Hill i/v Mohammed Sabreen, Foreign Affairs ed. for Al-Ahram newspapers, on Egypt playing crucial role
00:00:1:46 PAKISTAN: Dismissed PM once again focus of rumour & speculation. Razia Iqbal, BBC
0810 LIVE
00:6:35 CIVIL DEFENCE: Kim Hill i/v Margaret Austin, Min. of Civ. Def. on visit to stricken areas after flood & tornado
00:00:3:10 PHARMACEUTICAL Soc. says case recently before ACC Appeal Auth. was rare. Merle Nowland i/v David Buckle, Ph Soc
00:00:2:39 TELECOM's policy of charging extra to repairs faults at weekends. Nona Pelletier i/v Dr Graham Wood, Wtn. GP LIVE
00:6:36 SUPERANNUATION: Geoff Robinson i/v Andrew Banks, Austn. human resources consultant
0830 NEWS
00:00:3:14 PRINCIPALS win 16% wage settlement. Sarah Lockie i/v Norm Pointon, PPTA Principals' spokesperson
00:00:2:50 CENSUS date set for 5th March 1991. Susan Lei'ataua i/v Steve Kuzmicich LIVE
00:0:13 CENSUS: Geoff Robinson i/v The Wizard
00:00:3:26 MATHEMATICS study. Sarah Lockie i/v Sharleen Forbes, Equity in Mathematic Education research convenor LIVE
00:5:18 RESTAURANTS: Geoff Robinson i/v Vicky Kotkin, Tourism Dept. Project Manager on 1990 Taste NZ Awards
00:00:1:31 TWINS convention in Wtn. over Labour Weekend. Susan Lei'atua LIVE
00:0:21 EUROPE: Geoff Robinson i/v canon Charles Tyrrell, on ecumenical church service in Wtn. tonight
00:00:0:44 NEW YORK: 5 hour siege - unsual rapport developed/Reader

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