Morning report. 1990-11-02.

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0600 News/Sport
0608 Ex BBC: Unrest in Bhutan.
0612 Ex Ckpt: Air NZ's fare increases and what's behind it.
0616 K. Lattimore on Simon Upton's appointment to Cabinet.
0619 David Russell - National's committment to consumer issues
0620 Ex Ckpt: The crisis in the Australian wool industry.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 "Morning Comment" : Wendy Ross of Auckland.
0652 "Marketing Bit" : Stan Gregec author of "Beyond Exporting"
0700 NEWS

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0708 LIVE
00:1:36 GOVERNMENT: Kim Hill i/v Jim Bolger, PM-elect.
00:00:0:14 NATIONAL Cabinet. Reader
00:00:1:27 SIR ROBERT Muldoon turned down a post outside cabinet to leave himself free to criticise the new National govt.
00:00:1:11 SIR BOB Jones doesn't blame Muldoon for not taking racing racing portfolio. Peter Abernethy i/v Sir Bob Jones, business ldr
00:00:2:58 MāORI reaction to Winston Peter's appointment positive. Adam Gifford i/v Sir Graham Latimer, Māori Cnc. Chair.
00:00:0:33 WINSTON Peters takes wide view of the job of Māori Affairs Minister. Reader LIVE
00:5:00 PM: Kim Hill i/v Jim Bolger, Prime Minister Elect LIVE
00:5:00 GOVERNMENT: Geoff Robinson i/v Richard Griffin

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00:00:4:09 TRADE Min. will devote all his energies to world talks on trade liberalisation. Leigh Pearson
00:00:2:31 FINANCE Min:Bankers Assn. VP.says Ruth Richardson is the best person for the job. Tino Pereira i/v Dennis Ferrier
00:00:3:18 GROWTH agreement may survive change of govt. Cushla Managh i/v Bill Birch, new Labour Minister
00:00:2:03 SHAREMARKET looks set to continue downward slide. Tino Pereira i/v Rodney Dickens, ANZ METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:00:2:09 MIDDLE EAST watchers speculate that Syria is considering pulling out of multinational force. Jack Thompson BBC
00:00:0:24 US MID-TERM elections next Wednesday. Judy Lessing

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0810 LIVE
00:5:11 CABINET: Kim Hill i/v Jenny Shipley, new Minister of Social Welfare & Women's Affairs LIVE
00:5:10 EMPLOYMENT: Geoff Robinson i/v Maurice McTigue, new Min. of Employment & Associate Finance Minister
00:00:4:00 AIRLINE Stewards & Hostesses Union breaks silcence over Air NZ restructuring plans. John Campbell i/v Mary Webb
0830 NEWS
00:00:3:07 SCHOOL Trustees Assn. tells schools faced with threat of debt collectors, not to pay. Sarah Lockie i/v Gray Shattky LIVE
00:5:33 YUGOSLAVIA: Kim Hill i/v Prof. Thomas Ladan, MP of the Croatian Democratic Union
00:00:1:45 COLLEGE plans unveiled in Christchurch. Diana Hay i/v Dr John Rentoul, Rector of St. Andrew's College, Chch
00:00:3:01 FILM AWARDS in Wellington tonight. Susan Lei'ataua i/v Linda McGregor, Film Awards Society Chairwoman LIVE
00:5:43 COMPOSER: Geoff Robinson i/v Jack Body, composer & lecturer, on Douglas Lilburn who turns 75 today. LIVE
00:5:05 OZ SPOT: Phil Kafcaloudes with the weekly look at events across the Tasman.

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