Morning report. 1991-08-12

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0600 News/Sport
0609 Ex BBC: Closure of the BCCI - affect on developing world.
0614 Ex BBC: US involvement in security in Europe.
0618 Ex BBC: G7's lack of commitment to environmental problems
0623 Ex BBC: Litter on Pitcairn Island.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Ken McCormack of Christchurch.
0644 "Higgins": EDI.
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0656 Ex BBC: Italian police & Albanian refugees - clashes.
0700 NEWS
00:2:05 MIDDLE EAST - rapid developments. Jim Muir, BBC
00:00:1:20 RELEASE: Edward Tracy handed over to US officials in Damascus. Bob Simpson. BBC
00:00:2:19 HOSTAGE RELEASE: Pres. Bush thanks govts of Iran & Syria. Connie Lawn
00:00:2:39 HOSTAGE John McCarthy hands over letter to UN Sec. Gen. from Islamic Jihad. Keith Chalkley
00:00:3:28 PHILIPPINES: NZ librarian killed in grenade attack. Nona Pelletier i/v Denis Goldsworthy, father. LIVE
00:5:14 OPERATION MOBILISATION: Geoff Robinson i/v George Booth, NZ Dir. of Operation Mobilisation
00:8:50 EDUCATION FORUM: Kim Hill i/v Shona Hearn, PPTA Pres. & John Taylor. Education Forum METROPOLITAN PAPERS:
00:00:3:18 MEDICAL ASSN. says lack of cash should not stop someone from seeing a Dr. Sarah Lockie i/v Dr Tom Marshall, Dep. Ch
00:00:4:40 CHRONICALY ILL: Sarah Lockie i/v Ian Miller, Acting Dir. Gen. of Health Dept.
00:2:45 MORTGAGE RATES: Rory Newsam i/v Jim Brown, Citibank LIVE
00:3:54 INTEREST RATES: Kim Hill i/v Peter Verschaffelt LIVE
00:4:27 CER: Geoff Robinson i/v Katherine O'Regan, Min. of Consumer Affairs.
00:00:2:04 AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY: Phil Kafcaloudes/Paul Keating former Austn. Treasurer & Deputy PM LIVE
00:7:06 TERTIARY: Kim Hill i/v Sir Christopher Ball. expert in tertiary education.
0830 NEWS
00:00:2:14 BILLY T. JAMES - burial on Saturday. Rory Newsam
00:00:2:57 PENSIONERS & trusts. Nona Pelletier i/v Russell Davis. Guardian Trust
00:00:4:36 HEALTH CHARGES: Geerard Counsell i/v Helen Clark. Opposition health spokesperson
00:00:2:55 MEATWORKERS: Redundant Kaiapoi Alliance workers. Richard Crowley i/v John Prout. sub-branch Union Sec. LIVE
00:5:20 JOB RESUMES: Geoff Robinson i/v Barry Knight. Ch'ch recruitment exec. LIVE
00:6:08 AFRICA: Geoff Robinson i/v Angela kearney. NZ midwife working in northern Moaambique.
00:00:1:58 SUICIDE BOOK goes straight to top of best seller's list. Chris Nuttall. BBC

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