Morning report. 1991-11-28

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0600 News/Sport
0608 Ex Chalkley: Book extract case supported by European Court
0610 Ex ABC: Darling river infested by alqae
0613 Ex BBC: Sudan civil war continues
0617 Ex Chkpt: TV3 buyer may be Canadian communications Co.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": WR solicitor. Gerard Winter
0644 "Money Matters": Margaret Inge on Brierley AGM
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0700 NEWS
00:2:36 JESSON:Bruce Jesson wins Auckland Regional Council by-election. Paul Jackman i/v Mike Moore, Labour leader. LIVE
00:4:06 JESSON:Kim Hill i/v Bruce Jesson, NewLabour Party.
00:00:0:40 RAINBOW:French Ambassador visits Gerald Andries. Phillip Boeyen i/v Annette Grenicher, Fed. Dept. Police & Justice.
00:00:3:56 RAINBOW:More emerges about Gerald Andriess' recent activities. Geoff Robinson i/v Paul Webster, Guardian. Paris
00:00:1:46 RAINBOW:Greenpeace Aust. says Aust has obligation to support NZ extradition. Zandra Sharpe.
00:00:4:18 MOT:Strong support for moves against drivers who drink & speed. Rory Newsam i/v Keith Evans. ALAC.
00:5:33 TAX SHORTFALL:Geoff Robinson i/v Tim Main, Treasury Economist. ANZ Bank. METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:00:1:20 CAMBODIA:Political leader of Khmer Rouge beaten up in attack. Sherry Prasso.
00:00:1:39 CAMBODIA:Peace Accord may be in jeopardy. Philip Short.
00:00:1:48 ISRAEL:Delay in convening of bilateral talks. Alex Brodie.
00:00:2:00 TALKS:Bush Admin stoical about Israelis delay. Connie Lawn
00:00:1:50 INDONESIA:Chief of armed forces defends army's actions in East Timor. Claire Bolderson.
00:00:2:29 MAJOR:British PM in office a year. Keith Chalkley.
0810 LIVE
00:5:51 GANGS/GUNS:Geoff Robinson i/v John Banks. Police Min
00:00:2:45 FRIGATES:Cost over-runs on ANZAC frigates. Peter Abernethy LIVE
00:5:35 QUALITY INN:Geoff Robinson i/v Adam Gifford. Auckland.
0830 NEWS
00:00:2:29 PANELBEATERS:Shoddy repair work being blamed on competitive policies of insurance co's. Mary Tait. LIVE
00:3:05 INSURANCE:i/v David Sergeant, CEO Insurance Council.
00:00:4:44 LOGOS:Min. Finance defends the use of Logos. i/v Prof. Ruth Butterworth. Political Studies, Ak University LIVE
00:3:40 CHATHAMS:Kim Hill i/v Logan Elderson. Chmn Bicentennial Committee. LIVE
00:5:06 FRUIT & VEG:Weekly look at the fruit and vegetable market with Jack Forsythe. LIVE
00:5:37 WINE:Kim Hill i/v Serena Sutcliffe, Sotheby's wine dept.

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Date 28 Nov 1991