Morning report. 1992-01-06

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[NB. Break in online audio at (00:30:18) and (01:29:57) due to original recording formats].

0700 NEWS
0708 LIVE GEORGIA: Leonid Zukov, Radio Moscow reporter
00:3:40 ELECTORAL REFORM: Peter Abernethy i/v Ron Donald, Electoral Reform Coalition
00:2:58 WESTERN SAMOA: Skilled unemployed volunteers from NZ Lawrv Shaw i/v Ron Wills, Employment Service
00:1:02 TUATARA: Southland man arrested for attempting to smuggle tuatara out of NZ. Karlum Lattimore LIVE
00:5:11 TUATARA: Susan Miller. Worldwide Fund for Nature
00:6:52 EDUCATION: Dame Marie Clay. who helped develop highly successful child reading programme developed in NZ
00:2:30 TAMAKI BY-ELECTION: Peter Abernethy i/v Chris Leitch. Alliance Party candidate METROPOLITAN PAPERS LIVE
00:6:39 SOMALIA: David Shearer. NZer working for Save the Children fund in war torn Somalia. illegible NEWS/REGIONAL ROUNDUP ILLEGIBLE PRESENTER: Professor Roger Robinson, world champion veteran athlete & Victoria Uni. lecturer.
00:4:50 GOLD MINE scene of environmental tua-of-war. Phillio Boeyen/David Inqle, Cyprus Gold Proi. Mar/Cath Wallace ECO LIVE
00:7:12 AUCKLAND MARATHON: Prof. Robinson i/v Rendal McIntosh, who wants to revive Auckland Marathon LIVE
00:6:44 NZ ARCHITECT: Mark Burry. one of architects working on cathedral begun more than a century ago by Spanish arch.
00:7:30 SPORT: Llovd Jones, writer & journalist.
00:3:57 NZ DOLLAR: Peter Abernethy i/v Alan Shadwell. Manufacturers Federation Pres. LIVE
00:5:49 INVESTMENT: Philip Ashenden, newly appointed Investment Counsellor to Japan.
00:3:28 CHURCH GROUP says govt. needs help to understand effect economy is having on people. Karlum Lattimore
00:2:36 MOSLEM PARLIAMENT: Keith Chalkley

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