Morning report. 1992-03-20

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0600 News/Sport
0609 Ex CHKPT: DN food prices rise.
0614 Ex BBC: Council of Baltic Sea States set up.
0616 Ex BBC: Finnish government recommends joining EC.
0620 Ex BBC: Should the words of "Marseillaise" be changed?
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment" : Kate Birch. Ak psychologist.
0644 "Marketing": successful window handle exports.
0650 Pacific Regional News: Ex RNZ International
0700 NEWS
0708 LIVE
00:5:36 DUKE & DUCHESS OF YORK: Geoff Robinson i/v Keith Chalkley
00:2:15 HOUSING CORP. to appeal against Tenancy Tribunal decision Sarah Lockie i/v Glen Iles. Housing Corp. tenant
00:2:01 STH. AFRICA: Overwhelming yes vote for continued reform. Mark Brayne LIVE
00:5:15 STH. AFRICA: Geoff Robinson i/v Laurie Nathan, Snr. ANC adviser at constitutional reform talks.
00:2:25 ACC LEVY FOR DOCTORS: Rory Newsam i/v Alistair Scott. Chair. of Medical Assn.
00:1:43 MANUFACTURING figures show we are still in recession. Tino Pereira i/v Wally Gardiner. Man. Fed.
00:6:09 TAX LEGISLATION DEBATE: Geoff Robinson i/v Geoff Clews Law Soc. Tax committee convenor METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:2:46 FINANCE MIN. heads off to Asia with delegation of top businessmen. Peter Verschaffelt i/v Sir Ron Trotter, Ldr.
00:1:42 UN's SPECIAL ENVOY arrives in Armenian capital. Kevin Connolly
00:1:50 ACC REFORMS DEBATE: Paul Jackman LIVE
00:8:09 ACC BILL: Geoff Robinson i/v Max Bradford, MP Leanne Dalziel, Labour MP
00:1:56 SURGICAL SERVICES in public & Private hospitals. Peter Abernethy LIVE
00:6:07 SURGICAL SERVICES: Adele Broadbent i/v Prof. John Morton clinical Director fo Gen. Surg. for Cant. Area Health Bd.
00:3:09 ELECTRICORP unmoved by thretened revolt by power suppliers. Anastasia Harallambi i/v Drew Stein. Elect'corp
00:0:41 ASTHMA REPORT: Geoff Robinson i/v Prof. Eru Pomare, head of team which produced Māori asthma report LIVE
00:4:41 WALK WEEK: Adele Broadbent i/v Sue Scott. Nat. CO-ord of Walk week.
00:3:36 NZ SCHOOLS take on growing welfare role. Anastasia Harallambi i/v Jean Packman, Pres. Principals Fed.
00:4:11 MARINE FORECASTS criticised. Sarah Boyd LIVE
00:2:40 GREAT BARRIER IS: Geoff Robinson i/v David Palmer, Chair of Great Barrier Is. Community Bd. LIVE
00:5:05 OZ SPOT: Phil Kafcaloudes with the weekly look at events across the Tasman.

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Year 1992

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Date 20 Mar 1992