Morning report. 1992-05-15

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0600 News/Sport
0608 Ex ABC: Indonesian elections.
0613 Ex BBC: Dispute between Czech priests & Catholic Church.
0617 Ex BBC: Leaning Tower of Pisa in danger of collapse.
0620 Ex BBC: Canada highest on UN Human Development Index.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown.
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Arthur Feslier, WN writer.
0644 "Marketing": DesignTech Holdings.
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0700 NEWS
00:3:23 HEALTH SYSTEM REPORT: Nick Early i/v Prof. Lawrence Malcolm. Wtn. School of Medicine
00:2:21 HEALTH SYSTEM REPORT: Janice Rodenburg i/v Simon Upton Health Minister
00:2:24 HOUSING CORP: A third of 1450 staff to lose their jobs. Janice Rodenburg i/v Helen Clark, Acting Labour oppo. ldr LIVE
00:5:04 HOUSING CORP: Kim Hill i/v John Luxton, Housing Minister
00:3:39 EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS ACT: 1 yr. today since it became law Cushla Managh
00:2:38 LOTTO PROFITS: Mary Tait i/v David Robinson, Council of Social Services LIVE
00:5:17 LOTTO FUNDS: Geoff Robinson i/v John Funnell, Ch. Exec. of Phillips Search & Rescue Trust based at Taupo
00:2:18 FINANCE MINISTER accuses Labour of hypocrisy, Paul Jackman i/v Ruth Richardson, Finance Min. METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:2:03 SARAJEVO suffers heavy artillary bombardment throughout the night. Malcolm Brabent. BBC
00:2:00 LIBYAN GOVT. ready to implement Security Cnc. resolution Barnaby Mason. BBC
0810 LIVE
00:10:31 EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS ACT: Kim Hill i/v Ken Douglas CTU and Steve Marshall, Ch. Exec. Employers Fed.
00:2:19 POLICE DOG shot & killed while tracking offender in Ak. this morning. Nick Hurst i/v Insp. Morrie Rankin
00:5:28 BOOK LAUNCH: Geoff Robinson i/v David Robie. editor LIVE
00:5:36 LASER DENTISTRY: Geoff Robinson i/v Kevin Lee. Ak. dentist LIVE
00:5:06 FRUIT & VEGES: Jack Forsythe with the weekly look at the fruit and vegetable market. LIVE
00:5:05 OZ SPOT: Phil Kafcaloudes with the weekly look at events across the Tasman.

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Date 15 May 1992