Morning report. 1992-05-21

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0600 News/Sport
0610 Ex Chkpt: Govt. promotes paying teachers on performance.
0618 Ex Mana News: Waitangi Trib. recommendations on farms
0620 Swiss govt. applying for membership of European Community
0623 Ex BBC: European Community-single market.
0624 Ex ABC: Theatre across the road from Lang Park stadium
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Graham Townsley, Wtn. Mgmt. Consultant
0644 "Money Matters": Margaret Inge. Japanese economy slips
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0700 NEWS
00:3:51 SHOOTINGS : Police examining scene at Paerata. Nick Hirst LIVE
00:4:07 SHOOTINGS : Kim Hill i/v John Banks. Minister of police
00:2:04 WESTPAC records loss of more than 2-billion-dollars for half year. Cas Carter/Bruce Alexander, GM Westpac NZ
00:3:09 STREET KIDS families get together. Sarah Lockie i/v Mary Fa-fiti, Family Survival spokesperson
00:0:42 THAILAND: Dramatic development in crisis.
00:4:05 NZ POST threatens legal action against some critics in rural delivery fee row. Paul Jackman
00:3:01 WATER EXPORTING: Richard Crowley i/v Peter Roselli, co-Dir, of Okuru Enterprises METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:3:36 LA JUDGE will be asked for retrial of police officer. Gyles Beckford i/v Ieti Tualaulelei.
00:1:35 SARAJEVO: Refugees held captive by Serb militia men. Jane Howard. BBC
00:1:26 SOMALIA: Peace plan could be running into trouble. John Leyne, BBC
00:3:23 PAERATA SHOOTINGS: Rory Newsam i/v Ann Ballin, victims support task force. LIVE
00:6:33 GATT: Geoff Robinson i/v Maurice McTigue, Ass, Min. Finance LIVE
00:5:29 PLANTS & FOOD: Kim Hill i/v Dr Graeme Lindsay, scientist LIVE
00:3:23 PAERATA SHOOTINGS: Kim Hill i/v Det. Insp. Kelvin McMinn
00:5:35 PERFORMANCE: Geoff Robinson i/v Frances Tweedy, who specialises in helping co's to coach their people
00:1:54 PEOPLE'S CENTRE in Wtt. a step nearer to opening up for business. Cushla Managh i/v Dale Little, Co-ord.
00:2:56 DIAMOND SECURITIES: Fresh developments in failure of Lower Hutt co. Nona Pelletier/John Farrell LIVE
00:5:06 FRUIT & VEGES: Jack Forsythe with the weekly look at the fruit and vegetable market. LIVE
00:3:33 FORKLIFT COMPETITION: Kim Hill i/v Steve Brewster, organiser.

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Year 1992

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Date 21 May 1992