Morning report. 1992-06-30

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0600 News/Sport
0608 Ex Hm: Concern about vocational skills standards
0612 Ex ABC: Corazon Aguino succeeded by Fidel Ramos
0615 Ex ABC: Portugal builds for future
0620 Ex ABC: BMW to build cars in USA
0625 Good Morning "Rural" New Zealand: See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Wellington management consultant. Adrian Sparrow
0644 "Money Matters": Margaret Inge/ Nat Bank economic report
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International

[Online content only available from 0700 onwards.]

0700 NEWS [item about first relief flights arriving in Sarajevo]
00:4:53 BUDGET: National Bank produces glowing outlook for the economy. Peter Verschaffelt/Girou Karacauglu/David Ward
00:3:22 BUDGET: Community groups predictions. Cushla Managh/Steve Marshall/Angela Foulkes/David Robertson
00:2:30 TEACHERS STRIKE tomorrow. Cushla Managh/Doug Martin LIVE
00:4:08 TEACHERS STRIKE: Geoff Robinson interview with Martin Cooney, President of the Post Primary Teachers Association. LIVE
00:5:29 MASTERTON MASSACRE: Geoff Robinson interview with Hone Kaa, Anglican Minister
0730 NEWS & SPORT [item about first relief flights arriving in Sarajevo]
00:2:19 RUGBY TOUR: Tino Pereira/Nthobi Tyamzashe, General Secretary of the South African National Olympic and Sports Congress
00:3:51 POWER CRISIS critical. Rory Newsam interview with Drew Stein, Electricity Industry Committee Chairman
00:3:15 POWER SAVINGS could prove disastrous for key industries Tino Pereira interview with Odette Waanders of Age Concern
00:3:17 HEALTH CARE for chronically ill patients. Peter Abernethy, Peter Dady (Cancer Society)/Dr Alan Gray (Coalition for Public Health
00:1:14 EARTHQUAKE: Two more aftershocks jolt Southern California. Richard Arnold.
00:1:04 ALGERIAN Head of State assassinated. Jackie Rowland. BBC
0810 LIVE
00:6:44 ACC: Kim Hill interview with Margaret Lewis, Auckland Law Society. LIVE
00:3:07 ACC: Kim Hill interview with Bill Birch, Minister of Labour
00:3:39 GOODMAN FIELDER WATTIE to sell most of its New Zealand operations. Peter Verschaffelt interview with Doug Halley, Goodman Fielder Wattie.
00:4:32 TRAFFIC/POLICE MERGE tomorrow. John Banks, Minister responsible for the agency, from 1st July
0830 NEWS
00:4:14 HOUSING CORP. resort to make-shift arrangements. Peter Abernethy interview with David Swallow, Acting Director General of Housing Corp
00:2:26 MASTERTON KILLING of unborn child. Karlum Lattimore interview with Tony Garrett
00:4:33 TELECOM regional operating Companies not doing as well as expected. Peter Verschaffelt interview with Ross Campbell, Telecom
00:4:39 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Karlum Lattimore interview with Neville Robertson, Psychology lecturer
00:2:59 UNEMPLOYED: Gerard Counsell interview with Simon Lindsay of the Unemployed and Beneficiaries Movement LIVE
00:5:34 YOUTHWATCH: Kim Hill interview with Tania Rangiwhetu, Co-ordinator of Whangarei's Youthwatch scheme.
00:1:42 MARGARET THATCHER's compact disc goes on sale today. Keith Chalkley

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Year 1992

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Credits National Radio (N.Z.) (estab. 1986, closed 2007), Broadcaster
Rundle, John, Newsreader
Hill, Kim, 1955-, Presenter
Robinson, Geoff, Presenter
Lee, Mike, Editor
MacLeod, Catriona, Producer
Williams, Peter, 1954-, Sports presenter

Date 30 Jun 1992