Morning report. 1993-02-23

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0600 News/Sport
0610 Clinton Admin planning relief programme for Bosnia.
0611 Ex BBC: Air drops in Bosnia. Oliver Scott i/v Sylyana Foa.
0614 Ex BBC: Albania struggling with democracy. Arben Manaj.
0617 Ex BBC: Italian PM has cabinet reshuffle. David Willey.
0618 Ex BBC: Murder of toddler in U.K & his community. M Donkin.
0621 Ex Mana News:Tribal health clinics in Waikato. W Harawira.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Noel Cheer. Wellington.
0644 "Money Matters": Margaret Inge. Free trade & world economy.
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0700 NEWS

[NB. Original recording begins a few seconds after news begins. Due to the original recording format (on audio cassette tapes) there are brief gaps of silence which indicate each side digitally preserved].

00:03:03 CAMPION dumped from National party Wanaque seat. Suzanne Consedine i/v Gail Donoqhue, new Nat. candidate for Wanganui LIVE
00:04:02 CAMPION: Kim Hill i/v Cam Campion.
00:04:15 WINSTON Peters faces uncertainty over his political future Cushla Managh i/v Jim Anderton. Alliance Leader. LIVE
00:05:03 BOLGER: Geoff Robinson i/v Jim Bolger, Prime Minister.
00:05:02 WINSTON: Kim Hill i/v Winston Peters, Tauranga MP. METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:02:12 UNEMPLOYMENT in Aust. dangerous to health. Phil Kafcaloudes. LIVE
00:05:45 AUST. POLL: Kim Hill i/v Pru Goward. Canberra correspondent.
0810 LIVE
00:06:32 GOVERNMENT: Geoff Robinson i/v Richard Griffin.
00:01:34 BOLGER unhappy with Ruth Richardson's remarks about Pres. Clinton. Anastasia Harallambi.
00:03:17 ALLIANCE members to pay their share of pre-xmas dinner bill. Adam Gifford i/v Bruce Jesson. Alliance chairperson Auckland Regional Services Trust.
00:03:23 MURDER of young Auck. man. Erin Kearney i/v Norm Stanhope Auckland police superintendent.
00:04:14 MURDER: Two ten year old boys appeared in court on murder charges of two year old toddler in UK. Keith Chalkley.
0830 NEWS
00:02:51 WEAPONS company wins million dollar contract. Peter Verschaffelt i/v Owen Wilkes, Peace researcher. LIVE
00:05:24 TREES: Geoff Robinson i/v Dr Alex Shiqo. Aboriculturalist.
00:03:02 BANKS and finance industry to see Jabs go in the next year. Anna Hughes i/v Andrew Dinsdale. Peat Marwick.
00:01:28 MEAT INDUSTRY to review it's shipping bill. Tina Pereira.
00:03:29 GUNS: Few people have successfully applied for firearms licences. Karlum Lattimore.
00:01:57 CASINOS in NZ to have tough rules. Anna Hughes i/v Jock Irvine. Casino Control Authority Chairperson.

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Date 23 Feb 1993