Morning report. 1993-03-01

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0600 News/Sport
0610 Ex BBC: Finance Ministers of leading indust. nations meet.
0614 Ex Michael Dodd: Decline of the German steel industry.
0618 Ex BBC: Sadams war against the Marsh arabs.
0624 Ex BBC: Fidel Castro wants to stay in charge of Cuba.
0625 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0642 "Morning Comment": Kate Birch, Auckland Psychologist.
0644 "Hi Tech: Jim Higgins. NZ Computer Society.
0650 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International

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0700 NEWS
00:03:47 ANZAC frigates contracts awarded to Whangarei. Peter Verschaffelt i/v Warren Cooper. Minister of defence.
00:01:26 FRIGATES: Whangarei works hard to secure contract. Lois Williams i/v Jack Guy, Northlands Port Corporation.
00:03:27 FRIGATES: Disappointment in New Plymouth that ANZAC frigate contracts have gone to Whangarei. Peter Verschaffelt.
00:03:00 TRAIN/CAR crash sees five people killed in the Hawkes Bay. Paula Penfold.
00:02:09 TRAIN/CAR crash traumatic for rescue workers. Karlum Lattimore i/v Steve Webber. Waipukurau Police Sergeant.
00:04:30 NY WORLD TRADE CENTRE to remain closed indefinitely after bomb blast. Judy Lessing.

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00:02:32 WOOL prices fallen in past few weeks. Iain MacLean. LIVE
00:05:14 WOOL: Neil Billington i/v Bill Carter, Executive Manager, Council of Wool Exporters. METROPOLITAN PAPERS
00:03:01 UN SECURITY COUNCIL: NZ takes over Presidency. Judy Lessing i/v Terence O'Brien. NZ UN Ambassador, Pres. Security Cncil
00:03:50 UN SECURITY COUNCIL: Karlum Lattimore i/v Dr Rod Alley, Wellington Political Scientist.
00:03:13 AUST ELECTION: Labour one point behind Coalition. Karen Fisher.

[Break in online audio just after beginning of news due to original recording format]

00:02:53 WINSTON PETERS to appear before Nat. party executive. Peter Fowler LIVE
00:08:25 HEALTH REFORMS: Kim Hill i/v Professor Lawrence Malcolm Wgtn School of medicine.
00:02:05 HEALTH: Son of man who died during surgery in Chch wants to see report of investigation. Jocelvn Darling.
00:04:38 TREATY OF WAITANGI Fisheries Commission decision delayed. Adam Gifford
0830 NEWS
00:01:50 SHELLFISH: Ban could be lifted sooner than expected. Peter Fowler i/v Robert Brewer, Ministry of Agriculture.
00:02:56 LIABLE PARENT scheme prompts Labour to say it would order an independent review if elected later this year. Karlum Lattimore i/v Dr Clive Matthewson, Labour Social Security. LIVE
00:05:44 OUT OF SCHOOL: Kim Hill i/v Charlotte Parks, Out of School network co-ordinator.
00:02:59 MĀORI HEALERS set up national organisation. Adam Gifford i/v Brownie Williams, Ngā Ringawhakahaere o Te Iwi Māori LIVE
00:04:12 WHALES: Kim Hill i/v Steve Dawson, World Wide Fund for Nature.
00:02:59 MUSEUM EXHIBITION produces comments that staff view as racist. Karlum Lattimore.

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