Morning report. 1996-02-07

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[NB. Recording begins at 7am. Break in online audio at (00:01:14) due to original recording format].

0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. David Jones
0700 NEWS illegible DAY - police and protestors clash at Waitangi when protestors attempt to make traditional march from lower to upper marae where local Māori were holding their commemmorations. Comment from Labour's Northern Māori candidate, protestor Mike Smith, local elder Tamehana Tamehana, and Police Supt Les Lilley. (Sacha Hardy) WAITANGI DAY - i/v with deputy PM Don McKinhon about his assessment of events. (Mng Rpt); live i/v with Hone Harawira, Te Kawariki protest group. WAITANGI DAY - commemmorations at Govt House in WN have few problems amid tight but discreet security. Comment from protestors, Governor General Dame Catherine Tizard, John Turei, Tuhoe elder, and PM Jim Bolger. (Anna Hughes) POLICE SHOOTING - police investigating circumstances leading to Blenheim constable twice shooting man - in stomach and leg - at domestic dispute. Comment from Marlborough District Cdr, Supt Barry Davies. (Stephen Parker); live i/v with Asst Police Commissioner Ian Holyoake.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS NUCLEAR TESTS - AK Univ Physics professor Alan Poletti, member of International Atomic Energy Agency, says there's no basis for alarm about recent reports of radioactive material seeping from Mururoa. He's i/ved live. POLITICS - more MPs expected to declare political allegiances as parties and illegible position themselves for first MMP election. Question of who can work with whom likely to be dominant theme in coming months. Comment from PM Jim Bolger, National Party president Geoff Thompson, United NZ Party leader Clive Matthewson, Alliance's Matt McCarten, NZ First Party leader Winston peters, Labour Party president Michael Hirschfeld, and commentator Colin James. (Neil Billington) PRESIDENT CLINTON called to testify at trial of Susan McDougall, her former husband James McDougall and Arkansas governor Jim Guy Tucker, on fraud charges. Live i/v with "The Guardian" Washington correspondent Martin Walker.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER WAITANGI DAY - PM Jim Bolger says the celebrations were a success, comments on moving focus to WN. (Mng Rpt); how successful was strategy to stop the kind of protests that made 1995 celebrations a disaster for govt? Live i/v with reporter Lois Williams; live i/v with reporter Anna Hughes about WN celebrations. PAPERS/ASPAC HEADLINES TIMARU GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL at crisis point according to parents of some pupils, says principal Anna Hobday to blame. Comments follow ERO report critical of management and practices at school. School cold be closed if it doesn't improve in next 6 months. Comment from ERO chief exec Dr Judith Aitken, parent Bruce Morton, and school commissioner Brian Petrie. (Leigh-Anne Wiig); i/v with principal Anna Hobday. (Mng Rpt)
0830 NEWS/SPORTS CANTERBURY FIRES - conditions appear to be easing, with firefighters called to only 1 fire yesterday. Regional Fire Management Team concerned so many people still ignoring ban on open fires. Live i/v with team's chair Mike Grant. COMPULSIVE GAMBLING SOCIETY says it faces closure unless it gets thousands of dollars promised by gaming industry. Comment from Society's chief exec Ralph Gerdelan, Chris Pottinger of Problem Gambling Committee, and Roger Parton of the gaming industry. (Helen Matterson) DANISH GOVT looking to NZ as example of effective public sector reform and economic change. I/v with visiting Finance minister Mogens Lykketoft. (Mng Rpt) COMMENT SPAIN - brother of former Justice minister killed in shooting blamed on Basque separatists. I/v with Madrid correspondent Adela Gooch. (Mng Rpt)

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