Morning report. 1996-02-21

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0700 NEWS DUNNE - The national Party is expected to confirm today that it will not stand a candidate against peter Dunne (United) in the Ohariu/Belmont electorate in illegible year's election. United is looking more and more like a coalition partner illegible National. Wrap with Verna Smith, the Labour candidate for Ohariu and vox pops of Ohariu voters. (Anita Lee) Live i/v with Karen Fisher. TEACHERS - Twelve thousand secondary school teachers are threatening to strike on March 6th over their pay dispute with the State Services Commission. Wrap with teachers Julie Girven and Bernie Tass and Janet Kelly from the School Trustees Assn. Live i/v with PPTA president Martin Cooney. TANKER - British environmentalists are saying the spillage from the Sea Empress, stranded off the coast of Wales, could be the worst ever, with latest reports saying fifty-thousand tonnes od crude oil have leaked. Live i/v with Chris Harbard from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. (London) CRICKET - New Zealand was beaten last night by five wickets in its game against South Africa. Audio of commentary - Chris Cairns' dismissal. Live i/v with Brian Waddle.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS RUGBY - There's been a reshuffle at the top level of rugby in this country. The 19 member Rugby Union Council has become a board of nine, with the loss of Jock Hobbs and Colin Meads among others. Live i/v with former chair of the NZRFU, Eddie Tonks. NURSES - While the Nurses Association isn't directly telling people who to vote illegible, a campaign launch last night spoke out strongly about their opinion that the present government's health reforms have been damaging to the public health system. Wrap with Brenda Wilson, national director of the assn. (Alexia Russell) CANNABIS - There were angry scenes outside parliament yesterday as police confronted a the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. The 200 people had a group smoke, and eleven were arrested, including the president of the party, Mike Finlayson. Live i/v with him. Live i/v with John Banks, the only MP to confront the group, calling them dopey and stupid. BOSNIA - An organised exodus of Serb refugees from Sarajevo has begun, as Serb suburbs are handed over. Fifty-thousand are expected to leave in the next three days. (BBC) NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY - voting in Republican contest to choose presidential candidate. Live i/v with correspondent Judy Lessing.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER NATIONAL/UNITED DEAL Over WN seat of Ohariu-Belmont expected to be announced today. I/v with political commentator Colin James as to which party will do better out of the deal. (Mng Rpt) AUSTRALIAN ELECTION CAMPAIGN - senior Labor Party figures more optimistic of pulling off victory as polls show ALP closing gap and Oppn leader John Howard commits tactical blunder. (Kathryn Street) PRISONERS - 3 inmates on loose in South Island after 3 separate escapes. (Edwin Taylor, Shane Reidy, Carl Rolander). Live i/v with Corrections Dept spokesman Phil McCarthy. PAPERS/ASPAC HEADLINES OBESITY STUDY confirms Polynesians are more inclined to put on weight than other races. Comment from physiologist Elaine Rush and Dr Boyd Swnburne, National Heart Fndn. (Helen Matterson) WHALING - NZ to send message of concern to Japan about its plans to expand whaling programme which could see more than 400 minkes killed. Live i/v with NZ Whaling Commissioner Jim McLay.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS POLICE NUMBERS - growing concern in AK about announced cuts. AK police cief Brian Duncan confirms up to 50 positions are to go by July but emphasises cuts won't hurt policing in area. Comment also from Police Assn president Greg O'Connor. (Eileen Cameron); live i/v with United NZ's law and order spokesman peter Hilt. PERANNUATION - govt says it's happy to talk to Alliance about state of accord. Alliance leader Jim Anderton says tax package has thrown accord into jeopardy but Senior Citizens minister Peter Gresham dismisses claim. (Janice Rodenburg) BALDWIN ST RACE - more than 500 people gather for annual race up and down DN's, and world's steepest street. Race won by 4 time winner, Otago Univ student Dion Docherty. Live i/v with race organiser Wally Fagan. COMMENT HONG KONG celebrates the Year of the Rat. Live i/v with correspondent Belinda Carminada.

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Year 1996

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Date 21 Feb 1996