Morning report. 1996-03-04

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. David Jones
0700 NEWS ISRAEL - PM Shimon Peres vows to destroy Islamic movement Hamas after bus bomb kills at least 19 people in Jerusalem. Govt announces sweeping measures designed to segregate Israelis and Palestinians and crack down on fundamentalist Arab groups. Live i/v with correspondent Robert Berger. COOK ISLANDS - reports of major rift in cabinet, focussing on breakaway group of 6 ministers. "Cook Islands Press" reports future of PM Henry hanging in balance. Live i/v with editor Barbara Dreaver. AUSTRALIAN ELECTION - Liberal leader John Howard looks set to have majority of more than 40 seats in Parliament. Landslide election victory saw national swing against Labour of 5.35% Live i/v with reporter Kathryn Street about conservative victory and priorities; what went wrong for Labor? I/v with ALP president Barry Jones about that and about Paul Keating's legacy. (Mng Rpt)
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS CHILD HEALTH - row develops over "Healthy Homes" initiative in South AK. Project designed to target familities who are struggling to raise children and help them to cope. Comment from health activist Sandra Coney and Dianne Armstrong, Plunket Society. (Alannah Kalafatelis); live i/v with project manager Ann Dysart LABOUR PARTY facing another internal row, with MPs expected to discuss Mike Moore's latest attack on performance at next caucus. Mr Moore has described some colleagues as "klingons" and warned Labour has only week left to sort out act to avoid coming 3rd in election. MP Geoff Braybrooke says Mr Moore has a point. (Janice Rodenburg); live i/v with Political editor Karen Fisher. AUSTRALIAN ELECTION - many businesses banking on quicker micro-economic reform as well as increase in state asset sales. Live i/v with Economics correspondent Bronwen Evans; comment from Michael Barnett, chief exec of AK Chamber of Commerce, Graham Miller of NZ Shipping Fedn, and Colin Martin, ManFed.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER AUSTRALIAN ELECTION result is over-all plus for NZ, says political commentator Colin James. He's i/ved live. TOURIST DROWNS - investigation underway into whale watch accident off Kaikoura at weekend. Taiwanese woman drowns after being trapped in tour boat which overturned and tossed 29 people into sea. Suggestion cause may be related to design of boat but Maritime Safety Authority won't speculate until investigation complete. Comment from tourists and Geoff Gabites, head of Adventure Tourism Council. (Leigh-Anne Wiig) PAPERS/ASPAC HEADLINES SECONDARY TEACHERS say if new Education minister extends olive branch this morning, they may withdraw strike decision. PPTA says if minister can convince it the political change is more than cosmetic, it would be enough to avert this week's planned strike. Comment from various teachers and PPTA president Martin Cooney. (Maria Slade) MONDAY OZ SPOT with correspondent Phil Kafcaloudes - election result, Sydney's annual mardi gras.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS DR VICKY CALDER's retrial for attempted murder of Prof David Lloyd begins in CH High Court this morning. (Merle Nowland) GOLDEN SHEARS - Scotland produces upset at championships and takes team title. NZers Colin King and David Fagan finished first but disqualified for having too many cuts on sheep. (Bryan Crump); live i/v with shearer David Fagan, winner of open individual event. WHALING - 2 Japanese whaling ships due in WN today to drop off non-Japanese crew and refuel etc. Greenpeace questions need and motives behind Japanese "research". Comment from DoC scientist Mike Donahue and NZ Whaling Commissioner Jim McLay. COMMENT PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - Bob Dole takes the Republican South Carolina primary, decisively beating Pat Buchanan. Live i/v with correspondent Judy Lessing.

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