Morning report. 1996-03-07

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0600 News/Sport
0615 Good Morning "Rural" NZ : See Rural Report Rundown
0630 News/Weather/Māori News
0640 Report from our Mana News team
0645 Pacific Regional News : Ex RNZ International
0650 Business and financial news. David Jones
0700 NEWS NZ FIRST - PM Jim Bolger accuses party of hypocrisy over acceptance of MP Michael Laws without consulting electorate via by-election; live i/v with NZ First leader Winston Peters re Mr Laws' future with party. SECONDARY TEACHERS - MPs use time in Parliament to air their views on PPTA and its industrial action. Audio of Chris Carter, Ian Revell, Joy McLauchlan, and Jim Anderton. (Anna Hughes); live i/v with PPTA president Martin Cooney. DRUGS - govt taking steps against drug use in prisons. Corrections minister Paul East disagrees with usage figure of 60% put forward by senior CH prison manager but admits legislation needed to allow drug test results to be used in evidence when charges laid against inmates. (Anna Hughes) PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - Bob Dole big winner in yesterday's primaries, winning in 8 states and taking almost all delegate support available, although voter support in Georgia seemed half-hearted. (Judy Lessing)
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS UNLEADED 96 OCTANE PETROL - Civil Aviation Authority warns pilots not to use it in small aircraft after incident where it damaged carburettor seals and caused fuel leak. Major oil companies meeting today to discuss potential problem. (Helen Matterson) CAVE CREEK - Conservation minister Denis Marshall delivers "personal progress report" to families of victims, spells out work done so far to address problems highlighted in inquiry report. He's i/ved live. NORTHERN IRELAND - Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams says IRA ready for 25 more years of war. IRA issues statement following announcement by breakaway group of paramilitary loyalists that ceasefire is over and they intend to execute leading members of IRA and Sinn Fein. (Keith Chalkley) LABOUR PARTY - MP Judith Tizard says it's time Helen Clark's critics stopped destructive destabilisation campaign or came clean about motives for it. (Karen Fisher) CALDER TRIAL - new evidence in testimony from former workmate of Dr Vicky Calder who's accused of attempting to murder ex-lover Prof David Lloyd. (Merle Nowland)
0800 NEWS/WEATHER MICHAEL LAWS - reaction from former colleagues to his defection from National Party to NZ First. Comment from PM Jim Bolger, Max Bradford, Nick Smith, Joy McLauchlan, Tony Ryall, and Ian Revell. (Marie Hosking); live i/v with Michael Laws. PAPERS/ASPAC HEADLINES PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - millionaire publisher Steve Forbes quashes speculation he's quitting Republican nomination race. Live i/v with correspondent Judy Lessing. SECONDARY TEACHERS consider future re pay claims. 2nd year teacher Tracey Allen puts time limit on job - if things haven't improved by then, she'll leave teaching. She's i/ved live.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS CRICKET - NZ loses to Pakistan, who took the match by 46 runs. I/v with commentator Brian Waddle. TRANZRAIL/PICTON - Tranzrail says it will announce in next few days whether it will proceed with preparations for possible relocation of South Island ferry terminal. Comment from "Stop the Wash" spokesman Graham Moore. (Brian Crump); local tourism operator Warren Kaufman believes loss of ferry service would be detrimental to Picton. He's i/ved live. COMMENT CHINA - annual National People's Congress ends with premier Li Peng telling delegates of Communist Party's plans for economically vibrant and firmly communist China well into 21st century. I/v with correspondent Adam Brookes. FRUIT AND VEG REPORT with Jack Forsythe.

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