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0616 NEWS STORY: MISSING COUPLE - Scott Watson arrested for murders of Olivia Hope and Ben Smart who disappeared in Marlborough Sounds on New Year's Day. Comment from his lawyer, John Hardy, Olivia's father Gerald Hope, inquiry head Insp Rob Pope, and Blenheim mayor Liz Davidson. (Helen Shea)
0620 RURAL NEWS DROUGHT - BEEF INDUSTRY estimates drought will cost it about 130,000 breeding cows that farmers are having to slaughter because of lack of feed. Farmers and processors will be looking to dairy industry to help overcome serious cattle shortage that's looming. (Kevin Ikin) DAIRY BOARD - farmers will get first insight into how Board would face deregulation at annual gathering in WN today. (Catherine Harris) LEASE LAND - Māori Affairs minister Tau Henare warns farmers against expecting higher compensation as result of Appeal Court decision on Māori reserved land; illegible of reserved land in Taranaki, PKW Incorporation, welcome Appeal Court ruling clarifying legislation. (Clare Pasley) SHEEP DOGS - John Gordon, former commentator of TV programme "A Dog's Show", launches 4th book, "Three Sheep and a Dog", says sheep dogs being slowly pushed out of farm life but increase in forestry, beef and dairy farming. (Catherine Harris)
0625 SPORTS STORY U.S. SPORTS - live i/v with PauL Witteman, "Sports Illustrated". (basketball - Michael Jordan scores 45 points for Chicago Bulls to beat Utah Jazz)
0636 NEWS STORY: MISSING COUPLE - AK Univ criminal law expert Bill Hodge says prosecution for murders of Olivia Hope and Ben Smart will be difficult without bodies. (David Balham)
0642 MANA NEWS WAAHI TAPU - after decades of watching desecration, Onuku people reach agreement with local council. MāORI HEALTH workers join drive to get NZers more active.
0651 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL NEWS: AMP shareholders watch insurance policires turn to gold as company debuts spectacularly on Australian and NZ sharemarkets. Stock crosses above $30 before ending at $26.70. Kevin Rendall of J B Were says AMP's status as blue-chip stock will underpin it for some time; chief exec in Australia, George Trumbull, describes listing as beyond anyone's wildest expectations and support for the float and demand for shares is vote of confidence in Australia. (Gyles Beckford) FINANCE/MARKETS U.S. - GOLDMAN SACHS, Wall St's last big private broking and investment banking company, looks set to go public. Firm's 190 partners vote to sell 10-15% of company later in year, ending 130 years as partnership. (BBC) MARKET REVIEW SKELLERUP/MAINE INVESTMENTS - bondholders meet today to put seal on rescue package for group's remaining operations. (Gyles Beckford) U.S. - DOW JONES INDEX - if it hits 10,000 will investors be ready?Technology research firm Gartner Group advises clients to check sharebrokers won't be hit by version of year 2000 bug. (Judy Lessing)

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0700 INTRO/NEWS PRISON ESCAPE - 4 inmates, 2 of them convicted murderers, on run from Paremoremo. Graeme Burton, Darren Crowley, Arthur Taylor and Matthew Thompson considered dangerous. Live i/v with police investigation head Det Snr Sgt Mike Bush; live i/v with Corrections minister Nick Smith. ELECTRICITY REFORMS - govt proposals in jeopardy, hitting opposition from within both National and NZ First caucuses following hearings before select committee last week. Live i/v with political correspondent Stephen Harris; live i/v with Energy minister Max Bradford. MISSING COUPLE - AK Univ law lecturer Bill Hodge says police case against Scott Watson for murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope will be hard to prove because of absence of bodies. Live i/v with Olivia's father, Gerald Hope. AMP SHARES - more than $200 million of sahres change hands for prices well above listing price. Live i/v with Economics correspondent Bronwen Evans.
0730 NEWS/WEATHER/SPORTS NZ PAPERS SOCCER WORLD CUP - HOOLIGANS - violence again erupts in Marseilles between English and Tunisian fans. French authorities preparing to automatically expel foreign troublemakers without court appearance first. British PM Tony Blair condemns hooligans' behaviour. Live i/v with local journalist Nathaniel Uhl. TELECOM - JOBS - more than 600 employees awaiting today's announcement re whether Telecom will contract out operators' work to US company Sitel. Telecom declines to appear on programme. Live i/v with Mark Brownsley, Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union. AUSTRALIA - WATERFRONT DISPUTE - deal brokered between Maritime Union and Patrick Stevedores, but will cost substantial number of jobs. I/v with union's national organiser Michael O'Leary. (Mng Rpt) EYE COMPLAINTS - mystery surrounds cause of complaints among some spectators at rugby international match at Hamilton. Up to 30 people sought medical attention for impaired eye sight, Waikato Rugby Union offers to pay medical expenses. Union trying to discover whether temporary flood lights or combination of fireworks and weather conditions caused problem. Live i/v 2 with Union's chief exec Kerry Powell and opthalmologist Dr Tom Ellingham.
0800 NEWS/WEATHER ELECTRICITY REFORMS - concern within both National and NZ First caucuses about forced separation and sale of electricity company business. NZ Stock Exchange has made submission against the proposals - live i/v with managing director Bill Foster. PRISON ESCAPE - cordons lifted from roads around Paremoremo, residents warned illegible homes and property, following escape of 4 inmates considered dangerous. Live i/v with John Slater, Penal Officers' Assn, and Margaret Miles, chair of Paremoremo Ratepayers' Assn. SICK CHILDREN - some South AK primary school principals say sick bays are full and they're struggling to teach children who should be home in bed. Starship Hospital says several children a day arrive with illnesses that have been left too long without medical attention. (Mary-Jane Aggett) MISSING COUPLE - police will i/v more people in Blenheim today and inquiries will continue with same focus of trying to find bodies of Olivia Hope and Ben Smart. Live i/v with reporter Helen Shea. INTERNATIONAL PAPERS ECONOMIC DEFICIT - former Labour secretary in Clinton administration, Robert Reich, advocates countries like NZ should not be afraid of running a deficit. Prof Reich in NZ as guest of Labour Party to give seminars exploring fresh ideas for economic policy. He's i/ved live.
0830 NEWS/SPORTS PRISON ESCAPE - why were four escapees in medium security when they're considered dangerous? I/v with Phil Mccarthy, general manager of public prisons. (Mng Rpt) SUDAN - CIVIL WAR - World Vision calls on international powers to try to end ongoing war. recent bombing attacks near feeding stations set up by World Vision have made more difficult task of relief workers trying to deal with famine. Sudan director Bruce Menser says situation is as serious as Kosovo but there's not international will to resolve the conflict. He's i/ved. (Mng Rpt) WAITANGI TREATY PROCESS - National MP and chair of Māori Affairs select committee, Georgina Te Heu Heu, asks NZers to be patient with the process. (in response to comments made yesterday by John Lehmann, NZ Accountability party). She's i/ved live. KOSOVO - NATO war planes thunder over southern Balkans to demonstrate western determination to stop bloodshed. Serbian president Milosevic in Moscow fortalks with President Yeltsin, killings of ethnic Albanians continues. I/v with correspondent Paul Welsh in Pristina.

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