3 NEWS. 02/09/2010

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A Sydney promotion for the 2011 Rugby World Cup and NZ tourism stirred up Australian resentment today over inflated prices by NZ hoteliers.
Geoff Berry (Australian Rugby Fan); Kevin Bowler (Tourism NZ CEO); Martin Sneddon (Rugby World Cup CEO); Raj Natarajan (North Shore Motels); Bruce Robertson (Hospitality Association); Graeme Osborne (Tourism Auckland).

The Government has announced plans for an overhaul of the Child Support system.
Allan Harvey (Union of Father National President); Peter Dunne (Revenue Minister).

The Minister for Local Government is reviewing dog control laws.

Scientists have dubbed the financial pressure on low and middle income households to provide healthy food choices 'food stress'.
Associate Professor John Coveney (Flinders University); Claire Smith (Otago University Nutritionist).

South Canterbury Finance investors can expect their pay-outs within the next 48 hours.
Lindsay Rackley (Preferential Shareholder); Jill Quaid (First National Property)

Kiribati is pleading for NZ's help to provide clean water and sewerage systems for the 50,000 people living in squalor on the atoll of Tarawa
Rob Kaiwai (NZ High Commissioner); Anote Tong (Kiribati President); Murray McCully (Foreign Minister).

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