3 NEWS. 01/09/2010

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Australia's Labor PM Julia Gillard has agreed to a list of demands by the Greens in an attempt to form a Coalition.

The US President has marked the end of US combat operations in Iraq by saying the United States has paid a huge price to give autonomy to the Iraqi people.
Barack Obama (US President); Whit Johnson (CBS Correspondent - live from Washington DC).

Former British PM Tony Blair has published his memoirs.
Kim Chisnall (TV3 Europe Correspondent - live from London).

US officials say no charges will be laid against two men who sparked a terrorist scare on a flight from Amsterdam to Chicago.

The Government has indicated it is keen to sell South Canterbury Finance.
John Key (PM - National); Chris Lee (Stockbroker - speaking by phone); Paul Carruthers (Hubbard Supporter).

Resident in a Nelson suburb have marched at protest at the prospect of a pokie machine being installed in a new local tavern.
Darci Goldsworthy (Protest Organiser); Nicole Willis (Protestor); Peter McGrath (Brewers Bar Owner); Kerry Marshall (Nelson Mayor).

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